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Legacy All discussions for courses that not included in other categories, including legacy courses (ASTR, GEOG, ME, SSE, STS, TPREP). Prior Learning Assessment All discussions related to the field of Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) and courses offered to prepare students for PLA belong in this category.
About the Other Courses category [Other Courses] (1)
LiDA101: Introduction to digital literacy [Other Courses] (13)
Project Management [Other Courses] (2)
LiDA101: Reliability of Wikipedia Reflection [Other Courses] (4)
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Public Relations Unit 1 Recap [Other Courses] (1)
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TryCollege 101 Essay for Unit 7 Assessment [Other Courses] (3)
LiDA102: digital identity [Other Courses] (2)
LiDA101: Database search [Other Courses] (3)
LiDA102: Elements of digital citizenship [Other Courses] (2)
LiDA101: Choose your research topic [Other Courses] (3)
LIDA101: Digital literacies and why they’re important for you [Other Courses] (7)
LiDA102: Citizenship [Other Courses] (2)
LiDA102: What is e-literacy? [Other Courses] (2)
LiDA102: 21st century learner [Other Courses] (2)
Choosing a research topic [Other Courses] (4)
Importance of digital literacy [Other Courses] (1)
LiDA101: Higher education in a digital age [Other Courses] (2)
LiDA101: Ivory Tower Video [Other Courses] (2)
LiDA101: Digital skills versus literacies [Other Courses] (2)
LiDA104: Manufacturing consent [Other Courses] (2)
LiDA101: Evaluating resources [Other Courses] (3)
LiDA104: Choose a subject and draft a plan [Other Courses] (1)
LiDA104: Twitter user identity [Other Courses] (1)
LiDA104: Go upstream Activity reflection [Other Courses] (1)
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LiDA104: The medium is the message [Other Courses] (1)