1.1.1: Identifying Your Audience - Essay Exercise - Potential Employer

Greetings to all,

first i would like to take the chance and introduce myself. My name is Rashad, Jordanian, 31 years old, living and working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Currently i’m registered in the English Composition I at University of the People as my first course with them. And as most of you knows, our studies starts in 30th of January 2020. So as a preparation step, i have registered with the Saylor Academy to be ready for my course before it starts.
My first given assignment, was to write a two brief essays about my dream job addressing a potential employer and a five-year old. And i would really appreciate it if you guys assess my both essays to know whether am doing good or i need to improve myself.

First is the essay addressed to the potential employer.

As an experienced business development and sales manager in the concrete ready-mix industry for the past four years. I’ve contributed to my previous employer in the professional planning, and exceeding my targets. I was granted my Bachelor Scholarship of Science in Civil Engineering in 2012 from the Applied Science University in Amman, Jordan. Adding to that completing successfully the project management professional course, quantity surveying course, Primavera course, AutoCAD course, ETABS course & Prokon course all from the Jordanian Engineers Association. At the time being, I’m expecting to be granted my MBA in 2021 from the reputable accredited University of The People in California, United States of America. After I was granted my bachelor scholarship, I have joined one of the biggest EPC companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a site engineer. Within those four years in the construction field, I have been trained and developed by a variety of a well-experienced engineers who contributed in making me who I’m today. I’ve approached you knowing that your company is currently looking for a general manager for your concrete division, with your international presence, and the well reputation your company has stamped in the market over the past years, I would like to seize the opportunity to compete for this position. My experience in the ready-mix industry whether in operations, production, technical, sales, accounting, human resources and maintenance gives me the right skill sets to manage and operate any ready-mix factory to its full potentials, and capacity to achieve all the required key performance indicators.

Secondly is the essay addressed to the five-year old.

Since I was a little kid, my dream job was to be an engineer. I have always imagined myself as building the new world. Even my toys were all about thinking how to solve things such as puzzles, LEGO bricks, and so on. My father god bless him, have taught me a lot. He used to draw for me all kinds of geometrical shapes in a very fun way which has made me love them even more. He kept on telling me since I was a child that I am going to be a successful engineer working with one of the biggest companies in the world. And he always told me if you want to achieve that, you have to be good at Mathematics and Physics. They are the most important subjects to become an engineer. So, I have taken my father’s advice and I did really good in all my subjects through all my school years and specially in Mathematics and Physics. After I finished my high school, I have joined a university to study the major of Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering have many options to choose from. For me, I have chosen the construction field to be a part of the people who are responsible to get all the work done. And now I am working with one of the biggest companies in the world, as my father told me I would. One more thing to keep on your mind all the time, nothing in life is impossible always think positive and go after your dreams.

Thanks in advance.