1.How do the historical foundations of public relations apply to current day news? Please share some examples


1.How do the historical foundations of public relations apply to current day news? Please share some examples.
In my opinion, it appears that as much as we are changing, we are remaining the same in some aspects of PR. Those who have the power are typically the ones who get the best when attempting to become prevalent with their companies. Prime example is, FedEx. They’re one of the largest companies there is. With them having a large Marketing/Communication’s team( which I worked for a year), their means of having the upper hand and monies to put out what they want, shows that money plays a large roll in PR. They always focus on their customers needs by utilizing those clients who the consumers will relate to and understand which in turns gives their audience the feeling that they are understanding the regular civilians needs. Just as Ivy Lee did with his deeds.

  1. How might the role of public relations fit within a larger marketing campaign?

As I stated above, the role that PR plays will fit within a larger marketing campaign because these two are literally thought of as one in the same. With PR, you are looking to get across to the people across the world where as Marketing is looking to get the right investors with your product.

3.How do you think developments in social media are impacting the field of public relations?
With the change of technology almost on a daily basis, the spectrum to which people can be reached is in wide numbers. Constant updates with changes as well as benefits that are updated within the company can allow its audience to not have so many surprises with the company.


As you know jmays10103, money is the nerve, the focal motor of any war. Not to postulate that Fedex is in war with other companies at the industry level, but the competition is real and strong. So having a good PR team and money to make it efficient is sine qua noon condition to stay with competitive advantages. Since 1900 PR evolved almost to highly technical tool, using internet and other social media avenues. If PR is justified in times of economic booms much in downturn, it is because it’s straight necessitates theorization independently of budget concerns.