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10 distractions and ideas

10 distractions and ideas you have gotten from this course about how you can avoid them.

  1. Talking on cell phone while working- Only answer calls that is an emergency.
  2. Taking long lunches- Stop going out for lunch and pack a meal from home.
  3. Being late for work- set two alarm clocks up that goes off at two separate times.
  4. Wearing stained clothes at work- Bring a change change of clothes and leave them at work.
  5. Having too many email- Find the right time to check your emails during the day.
  6. To much noise in the office- Use ear plugs
  7. Not being able to focus at work- Take mini breaks to relax, and meditate.
  8. Doing other peoples work- Do as much as you can, as long as it do not effect your work.
  9. Being stuck in traffic- Learn to use different routes to avoid traffic.
  10. Worrying about COVID- Getting vasinating and advising other to get their COVID shot.