2.4.3 personal information security

  • In what areas are you doing well in keeping your own information and technology secure?
    • I use different, complex passwords for all of my online accounts, I secure my phone with a lock code and fingerprint, I secure all of my financial apps on my phone with passwords/biometrics, I have multi-factor authentication enabled on multiple accounts, I’ve been trained on how to spot phishing scams over email, I don’t pick up calls from stranger numbers, if I do get calls from companies I work with, I call back to ensure I’m speaking with a real representative, I don’t carry my social security card with me or offer the number unless necessary, I have credit monitoring set up for all three bureaus with a credit freeze on each, and I check my credit reports every year.
  • In what areas could you improve? Include links to resources that explain what you will be doing.

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