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4 Year Degree Paths?

I currently have a two year AS degree (liberal arts) from Excelsior College that I finished in 1993 by military credit, and independent study. In talking with Excelsior I can take 24 business classes from Saylor. (focusing on Pre-Reqs for an Excelsior MBA) I can take other liberal arts classes from Saylor also. I need 27 Upper division credits, I have 12 upper division credits so far from correspondence courses from Indiana University and Ohio University. I would save up money and buy a correspondence course. I am so appreciative to Saylor for the free classes, as my finances are really tight for the next year. I was thinking I would have to put off my education for a year, but I am able to finish my degree. Would like to hear from other students and their four year degree paths. By the way, from what I understand liberal arts degree paths are the most flexible, and accepting of credit. Many of my credits are over 10 years old, which is not a problem for liberal arts degrees.


Hello and Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Do you mind sharing why you chose Excelsior College? I am still in the stage of selecting a college for continuing my education. I have also been considering the Liberal Arts degree.

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The Base education office in the Marine Corps recommended them. They are extremely flexible college that operates as a credit bank allowing you to take courses anywhere and transfer up to 117 credits. I used them for my associate degree and mainly completed it though independent study and CLEP or DANTES exams. They gave liberal credit for my military training. Their liberal arts program is the most flexible degree allowing the widest range of credit types.

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