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A neat way to see the full context of a quote

I noticed in a recent post that the image in a quote from an earlier post was missing (actually replaced by the tags for the image). While checking if this was the intended functionality–it is, the authors feel that quoting images amounts to clutter–I found another feature of Discourse of which I had not been aware.

If you click on the name at the top of a quote then it expands to show the whole of the original post. That makes life a lot easier in long threads or branched conversations.

Try it here (quoting myself–what egotism!):

There was a graph between those two paragraphs, which you don’t see in the quoted text but click on my name and the whole of the post becomes visible!

We really do need some documentation to get the most out of this platform. I only came across this while searching for something else. While I’m all for ‘discovery’ it is sometimes not terribly efficient!

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+1 (this is a simple post, but I’m exercising quote reply function. Regards)

I think Discourse would be the best forum software I have ever used if I knew how to use it to its full capabilities.