About credit and non-credit exams

Hi there, I was curious, if I take the non-credit final exam, can I still take the credit final exam? I want to take the non-credit to practice but I’m afraid it will lock me out of doing the credit one later on. Thank you!


Hi @sterlingstone,

I don’t work at / for Saylor, but I strongly believe the answer to your question is “yes”, that is: if you take the non-credit final exam, you can still take the credit final exam.

My belief is supported on the following web page:

… and, to be more specific, I’m referring to the “Checklist” that appears on that page. Note that, in section “2. Prepare for your exam” below, it is explicitly mentioned to “Take the regular certificate exam for practice”:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


As a former student I would take the non credit exam as practice for the credit exam. Yes I did both.