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About me as English teacher

Hi I’m Ameer, I lived in Bahrain. I can speak English and Arabic fluently . I’m a retired English teacher as a Second and Foreign language. Feel good to write to me!


hi i’m saad i am from morocco i can speak english and french and arabic . i learn spanish in taleek .


I’m Akinbinu Olajide Samuel.I come from Nigeria and I am an aspiring English teacher. I can speak English language fluently. Please, feel free to chat with me.

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Hi. I am Mariel Andrade. I am a Filipino citizen. I can speak English.

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I am koushik. I am indian . I want to learn English

I am Blessing. I am from Nigeria, am glad to be here.

Hi I am md hedaetul Islam
I love education.

hi, I’m Abdullahi Igal from Somalia. I want to learn English language fluent.

My name is Gurmeet Singh I would like to learn English. I can’t understand how to complete this course please help me.

I am Ei Thwe Moe . I am from Myanmar . I want to speak English as my mother languages.

Hi, I am Anthony Dsilva. I am an Indian and currently reside in Mumbai City. I can speak English, Hindi, and Business Arabic.

Hi I’m elmer, I lived in southern leyte. i can speak english little bit but i want to improve more so that’s why I’m here. I’m so excited to develop my skills!

Hi I’m Amel a fellow (one year left before graduating from medical school) from Algeria.
I speak English, French fluently and my mother tongue is Arabic. I’m learning German in parallel.

Hello Ameerco. could you please tell me how you learnt speaking fluently? How many certification did you get to be a TEFL teacher? thank you in advance

Hello Ms. Ameer. I am clarkie Today I am entering into English Composition 2

Hello Everyone who is an Student in English Composition 11

Hi! my name is Carla May Pascual, I lived in Philippines, I hope that we can get along together :))

Hi!! nice to meet you :))

hello ameer hope you are doing well, I am sobhy from Egypt, could you please tell me how and where can I find the saylor certificate to print it?

Hi, my name is Ujunwa Nwolisa from Nigeria. I speak and teach English language in a primary school. You can chat with about anything.