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About the exam

Hi there, need help to understand the following

1. Before you begin

  • Find out whether your school(s) will grant credit for courses in the Saylor Direct Credit program
  • Review this Guide and the linked resources thoroughly, including the sections on proctoring, transcripts, and frequently asked questions; get in touch with additional questions that you have
  • Choose your courses and determine a plan and timeline for completion

2. Prepare for your exam

  • Take the course associated with your exam
  • Take the regular certificate exam for practice
  • Review your exam as well as the learning objectives for the course and units

3. Schedule and take your exam*

  • Familiarize yourself with the proctoring process
  • Schedule your proctored exam with ProctorU or other proctor
  • Take and pass your exam

4. Send your transcript to schools

  • Fill out and submit a transcript request form AND/OR
  • Request your transcript through ACE

***** To earn the recommendation of credit from ACE and/or NCCRS, you must take the password-protected “Saylor Direct Credit Final Exam”.

Hi @paska :slight_smile:

Let me start this reply with a “ Disclaimer ”: I don’t work at / for Saylor, so please don’t consider mine to be an Official answer.

I’m not sure if I understood your question, but I think that the following web page about the “Saylor Direct College Credit” program may be helpful to you, if you haven’t read it already:

Does that help you?

yes i did read this and i even talked to a proctor and i agrees to her condition but the saylor department couldn’t confirm to her application as a proctor yet.

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