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Hello, I am Kevin, from Michigan (USA); and am taking some courses, but focusing on the Computer Science Certificate and enjoy Business courses. I am grateful for a program like Saylor Academy & you go at your own pace. This past summer, I checked out some books from the public library (Geometry & Algebra) and studied them . I did some math problems, to prepare myself for College Algebra & Geometry- that I am taking with Saylor Academy. NOW I am preparing myself for the other math courses, such as calculus, to be a good computer sciences student. I think if you don’t rush, (just to get a certificate), and enjoy the material-- it becomes well imbedded within your long-term memory. I say "enjoy the ride and become well educated with Saylor. Thanks everyone, Kevin.

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I just completed ESL001 course, and there is a typing mistake in final exam Q. No. 2. One of the option given there is “Waked”, which is the correct answer for that particular question but correct answer should be “Walked”. I’m not sure whether this is this the correct place for giving this kind of feedback or not,

Hey, everyone my is Living Tamara 'm from Nigeria.I intend to take on some few courses science and sociology. I wish to have companions with same interest as me and share by putting me through as a beginner. Thank you to Saylor Academy for this previlage to be a member and I want to wish everyone good luck