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ACE credit recommendation updates

During the week of January 11-15, Saylor Direct Credit courses with expired credit recommendations will go through a new review.

We don’t know, of course, whether all reviewed courses will get a new recommendation, but in any case we should be able to bring a good number of courses back into the fold.

We’ll know more ourselves in a couple weeks, and public announcements and availability of proctored exams are likely during February, so check back with our credit page – we will keep that up to date with all courses that have both current recommendations and available exams.

If you would like to know more about any specific courses to help with your planning, contact us after January 15.

The ACE registry is now showing that all of the expired direct credit courses, with the exception of software engineering, have been renewed. However, the credit exams are not showing up in the courses yet. Is there an ETA for these to relaunch?


I assume that this is the same issue… Ace recommends [Technical Writing] for 3 hours but I don’t see an exam

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Same issue here for CS102.