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ACE Upper Division Credit Recommendations

Those using Saylor courses to prepare for their third party exams (DSST, UExcel, Thomas Edision) for upper division credit should check the latest ACE evaluations for that exam, specifically when it expires. ACE is increasing their requirements for awarding upper division credit.


Hello guys
Please assist me, I am from South Africa. I really enjoy to enrol online at SaylorAcademy . I need MA001 :College Algebra Exam password . Can you please send or where can I get it ? I shall appreciate a lot if my request would be considered. My email is [email protected] I am also looking where can I get an official transcript for RWM102: Algebra. Kindly please help I need to send to the school I have applied in. It’s urgent please assist. Your assistance is highly appreciated​:heart::heart: please.

ACE Upper Division please assist if you can, please I need help

DSST, UExcel, Thomas Edision are good tests to get upper division credits. Check out for other sources.

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We only have one upper division recommendation right now and that is our Finance course. We are hoping to get more in the coming months. Here is the course link in case your school says it will fit into your degree program:

Good luck!


With so many DSST being down greaded to lower division it is nice to see Saylor step up to the need.

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