Adjectives Rotal Order

Dear All

In this Topic I propose discussing how we can describe things with the right adjective order

My way for that is start ordring adjectives from myself (opinion, valuating…) through the discribing qualities (zise, shape, age, color) and down to the substance of the thing we are discribing

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an example of the order of adjectives ;
a nice little short young black Moroccan hunting dog

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a lovely little young white Russian cat.

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A pretty little three months yellow baby bird.

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a beautiful girl she with me now :slight_smile:

red ball
smart girl
fat boy
short man

my sister a lovely sweet little girl

Hatim is sweet clever tall arabic man

That red dress is beautiful
The White House is in Washington D C.
My husband is an amazing man

Aku beautiful small young black sundanesse woman

My mom she’s the most beautiful tall and fit Moroccan woman with a big beauty eye’s

A big beautiful cosmopolitan city
A curly short black hair