Alternative to iTunes?


Is there a way to find the audio lectures (Slave trade part 1 Arizona State University) to other formats like mp3 or mp4? I don’t have an Apple product and I don’t want to download the iTunes application.

Thank you for your time

If you use the Chrome browser (and possibly Firefox), there are some extensions that allow you to either play a/v content directly from your browser or to obtain the RSS link for the content, which would allow you to collect it in an RSS feed reader or podcast software you might already have.

The first extension listed on the page above could work.

An alternative would be to search YouTube for similar content. Most of the time that we link to iTunesU content, we have not found that exact materials elsewhere – that is, we use iTunesU resources as a last result, since they can be complicated or bothersome for many to access. Nevertheless, there is likely to be something on YouTube that will do the trick.

Since we (Saylor) haven’t really vetted either option above, I can’t officially endorse them, but hope they might prove useful to you.