Another quiz error in bio course (unit 8)

Please double check the answer you’ve provided for matching “Identical sister chromatids separate from one another” with mitosis or meiosis. The answer does not agree with the textbook or videos.

As more general feedback on the quiz, it might be useful to avoid talking about “identical sister chromatids” or “identical sister chromosomes” at all since that will either give the answer away or, in the case of a different question on this quiz (I think it was number 3), be inconsistent with the information presented. One kind of cell division always has identical sister chromatids unless there’s some kind of replication error; for the other, there’s an infinitesimally small chance that sister chromatids would be identical, since DNA segments generally gets switched around among chromosomes/chromatids in the first step.

Thanks again for a great course!

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Thanks, I’ll pass this along!