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Any future UL direct credit plans



I’m wondering if there are any plans to pursue ACE or NCCRS recommendations for any of the UL course equivalents, primarily in the Business Admin, Computer Science, or History areas, in the near future?


Hi @hightecrebel

This “reply” of mine is not a direct reply to your question, but rather a question regarding the acronyms / initialisms that you mentioned in your message: I know that “ACE” stands for “The American Council of Education” - - and that “NCCRS” stands for “National College Credit Recommendation Service” - - but what does “UL” stand for?


I don’t think I can get too specific, but I believe we will put courses representing business, history, and political science through credit recommendation review.

There are some additional courses in business, communication, and computer science that we are in the midst of updating, so any possible review for those would wait until the additional development is complete.

All of these courses are lower-level, however.

Optimistically, we would like to put some additional reviews through in 2016 – hopefully up to about 5 – with additional reviews in 2017.


Hello @seanconnor! Can you recommend ARTH101 to launch as a course for credit?


I think I have brought this up in the past but do not remember the answer…I’ll check again. I know it is not on our nearest-term slate, though. It is certainly one of the most popular and most social of our courses.


@Petdavis ARTH101 is be one of the 5-10 courses we might like to put through a review for credit recommendation by the end of 2016. If we are successful there, it would be a few months still until we would be able to announce the credit offering and ACE would begin enabling transcript requests including ARTH101. With any luck, ARTH101 could be a credit recommended course by Spring.


Thanks both of you!


Hi everyone,

I’m replying to myself here: it seems that UL, in this thread / topic, probably means “Upper Level”, referring to Bachelor / Undergraduate courses.

Based on some web searches that I did, it seems that some U.S. Universities call those courses “Upper Division” instead of “Upper Level”.

It seems that, for a 4 year Bachelor’s degree:

  • the courses of the two first years are Lower-Level (LL) / Lower-Division (LD), usually with course numbers in the 100-199 range for 1st year - also called “Freshman” year - and in the 200-299 range for 2nd year - also called “Sophomore” year.
  • the courses of the 3rd and 4th years are Upper-Level (UL) / Upper-Division (UD), usually with course numbers in the 300-399 range for the 3rd year - also called “Junior” year - and in the 400-499 range for the 4th year - also called “Senior” year.

Am I correct on these conclusions? Being myself not American, but Portuguese (and living in Portugal), it’s not always easy for me to get these these US things right :slight_smile:


I think this is roughly true. In practice, I took different level courses through my undergraduate career (101s in my final year, 200’s in my first year, etc.), but there was a more obvious upward progression in courses that directly related to my major.

Pretty typically, students will get their general education requirements (often lower-level courses) out of the way and then go to work more exclusively on their major.


A new batch of credit - numbers assigned by Saylor look awfully upper-level-ish to me. Maybe that’s intentional? We’ll have to see where TESU and others place these.
BUS105: Managerial Accounting
PHIL103: Moral and Political Philosophy
COMM001: Principles of Human Communication
POLSC101: Intro to Political Science
CS102: Introduction to Computer Science II
BUS206: Management Information Systems
BUS303: Strategic Information Technology
CS301: Software Engineering
CS402: Computer Communications and Networks


It’s like you’re in my brain, @Cookderosa ! I was just wondering whether Charter Oak State College would accept CS301: Software Engineering as UL credit for the Information Systems Studies concentration. It would help my eldest out a lot, as he’ll have to take their course otherwise.

@seanconnor , what do you say?


Hey Steve!
As of this moment, ACE hasn’t updated their database… so inquiring minds need to know!
To track ACE’s database, you have to look under both Saylor and then Alternative Credit Project. Not sure where CS301 will land. @seanconnor - thoughts?

EDIT: Equivalency list Saylor --> COSC


My apologies for the loooong silence – I’ve been terrible at forum-ing so far this year but plan to get back in the swing of things.

With the new set of recommended credit courses, we’ll work on updating the equivalencies listed for the various partner schools ( – some are coy about specifying, but for those that do, we’ll be able to update. @Jeff_Davidson may have more on that.

New courses will be listed under our main provider page on the ACE CREDIT site – to help simplify things, though, I have listed the ACE numbers on our credit page, here:


I am in need of upper division credits. It took a while but I think I found these classes aligned with upper division exams:
Saylor BUS205 Excelsior Exam BUSx323
Saylor BUS300 Excelsior Exam BUSx425
Saylor BUS301 Excelsior Exam BUSx410
Saylor BUS403 Thomas Edison Exam CMP-354
Saylor BUS303 Thomas Edison Exam NEG-401-TE
This will get me the 10 upper division classes I need.
The Third party exam page is kind of confusing, how about an Upper Division Credit page?
Will ACE ever evaluate your courses for upper division?


We’ll revise the whole credit piece pretty soon; we’re a bit coy with the third-party credit page just because we don’t control both course and exam directly.

We’re moving slowly upwards but also coming up on renewals for a lot of our current recommended courses