Anybody studying mechatronics?

Hi everyone, I’m studying mechatronics, and i’ll really like to have a study partner.
I’m also enjoying this platform. I just find it a bit difficult balancing my time here and my actual studies.

It’s ‘on the list’ but quite a way ahead for me–I’d guess at least a year or two before it makes its way to the top.

However, having quickly reviewed the contents again I’m quite tempted as I have some familiarity with most of the areas covered from previous studies. I have a degree in electronics which obviously covers a fair bit of the control side and my aerospace studies (three and a half decades ago!) included some of the electromechanical and servo aspects.

I try to take the courses here in a logical sequence but, as can be seen from the fact that I completed CS101 then jumped to CS402 and CS403, I don’t always stick to that plan.

So… maybe.

You’ve got the right foundation to build this study on, unlike me who is still an undergraduate in mechanical engineering. My knowledge on this level of electronics is relatively low. Its a pity there isn’t a foundational study on it here but its still gonna worth the time. I intend studying mechatronics later anyway.

Mechatronics is so awesome, but coming from someone starting from scratch, how could you study it on your own? I don’t have access to much except for LEGO Storms at the library, and the internet, of course. But I can’t drive over to MIT to study it like as I would like to in my fantasies.

I think if it came to a practical project my lack of experience in mechanical engineering would be an issue but from a purely theoretical perspective the course seems quite ‘doable’ for me.

There seem very few courses anywhere on electronics at an introductory level. Most seem to delve far too much into mathematical analysis for the general interest non-electrical engineer. You might want to look at the Georgia Tech’s Introduction to Electronics on Coursera which runs from late March. It doesn’t seem too time-consuming at around 5 hours per week and appears to be aimed at non-specialists.

While I’m busy promoting non-Saylor courses I suppose I should mention one which might be of interest for those with no prior background in robotics or mechatronics: Open2Study have a short introductory course Mobile Robotics which covers a lot of the terminology and the main ideas touching on even some fairly specialist areas like shaft encoders. The course is only four weeks long with about an hour of videos each week. Very much at an introductory level but a good taster. O2S courses repeat every five weeks.

Coincidentally, the O2S course uses Lego Mindstorms!

Ooo I will put this on my course to-do list.

I can’t afford to be engaged in many courses for now. I’ve bookmarked the page though.