Anyone else taking MA121 Introduction to Statistics?

Hi, I just enrolled in MA121 Introduction to Statistics, and could definitely use some moral support. Math is not my favourite subject by any means, but I am looking forward to it. Anyone else?


N’hésite pas à demander mon aide.
J’aime beaucoup les mathématiques

same here, my issue i think is how to put these formulas into the calculator

Yes I am taking it as well. What school are you going too? or are you just taking this for personal reasons?

Teaching stats, looking at using this next time.
Please check out DESMOS as a substitute for TI calculator unless you are taking some standardized test that required calculator.

Best advice I can offer is to seek other examples of the points explained on the text, at least briefly. There isn’t a lot of examples in my opinion. Take your time and make sure you understand it.