Anyone who believes in Afterlife or Reincarnation?


Some people believe that reincarnation ( rebirth of a soul in a different body ) is also a form of afterlife, but others claim that afterlife is a life after death on earth and with a conveyance to a higher spiritual existence and outside of earth, in higher and inconceivable dimensions that require spiritual growth and initiations while being on earth.


Hindus believe in reincarnation ( a progressive journey towards the higher existence). But Karma comes into play, bringing I guess, moral in the picture. One note is that they believe that the soul is all existing not influence by birth or death ( which applies only to the physical body). And based on individual moral choices, the spiritual elevation of the soul’s journey towards the supreme is either closer to or sets it farther away from the all pervading spiritual existence.
Reincarnation is influenced by our moral choices, as being reborn as a human with the capacity to choose to get closer to the supreme soul or energy is considered to be the most precious gift to the soul and the final stage of rebirths, as this is the unique opportunity to achieve what should be liberation from mundane existence and into blissful spiritual existence.


Afterlife ,yes i believe there’s more than this life only or at least this life varies thru various forms. Would that mean we reincarnate? i dont think id come back as any particular thing, although i have no idea what the various forms would be, not to human body nor flesh body at all. Why? Im curious to not come back but to evolve perhaps, or at least experience knowingly.


To each his own…