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Aristotle's famous claimed that "man is by nature a political animal"

Aristotle’s famous claimed that “man is by nature a political animal”

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My humble explanation is that Politics are an integral piece of everyone’s everyday life and without meaning exclusively political parties or the parliament.Is an empirical αnd instinctive strategy for every human being to survive and to know well how to be motivated in order to achieve targets easier.That strategy is similar with that one of a soldier. How to defense and when is the right time for attack.Economy is also a political strategy,even we refering for a country or a small community.
When we discussing about the system of a parliament then everything acquires only negative connotations.
Then we clearly see that people with many same interests to start arguments and turn them into conflicts.Civil wars is a resounding example.That derive’s not only from the different ideology supported from each side,but the different things promised from a political leader to the voters.In fact,there is a conflict between public sectors and private sectors.Both of them like elitist nomenclatures.
Usually the situation drives to the both edges:the far right and the far left.If there won’t be a unity then the democracy is turning to Anarchy.

Looking back in history the result of that civil conflict is that army assumes officiall tasks and leading to one strict and maybe a necessary intervention or operation of a new government depending the circumstances.

“Man is by nature a political animal,” claimed Aristotle. It seems Aristotle believes man is like the animals in many ways, but is above them in one distinctive way - politics. Humans are unique in joining together to form deliberative and governing bodies that seek to better all involved. We were not created to be loners; we are wired to form community and work together. It takes the process of politics to keep society functioning, so that everyone can flourish as much as possible.

It seems to me that Aristotle believed that man is by nature an animal, he labeled it being a “political animal”. I would venture a guess that to him that meant that man fights for survival of the fittest in the political realm. Meaning only the strong political ideas survive. Further, political survival hinges on support. A great idea with no support is dead, just like a deer with a broken leg. While there is always the exception to the rule, change in the political world is only possible through support. This can be seen time and again in our current political system as political candidates are ‘killed’ due to insufficient support (i.e. funds). It has long been evident that you cannot go anywhere in politics if you don’t have money, or know some one with ‘deep pockets.’

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I believe also that this phrase might means that, whatever action made by someone, it’s translated automatically to a political form. Or, from a specific attitude we can define where someone could possibly belong politically, wether been involved with them or not. I agree that most of the followers have to be wealthy, and the rest of them with just one bone securing a job, which is unethical and shameful because it gives hopes to a corrupted government to stay alive. However, the ancient Greeks would freak out with such a democracy . Certainly, everything depends from ethos, a word that is written only for other purposes, but it’s impossible to see it clearly in praxis.

Aristotle’s famous quote “Man is by nature a political animal” is fundamental to his ideas about politics. He tells us in his “Politics” that only with the polis can man find fulfillment in life and lead a good life. Man and politics are linked together inextricably.

In modern day politics too you can see evidence of how politics and government shape lives. Without laws and governing bodies, man would be lost. Humans need structure and guidelines; means to make our lives healthy and prosperous.