ARTH 101 Discussion Topic 1: Exposure to Art



What has been your prior exposure to visual art? Has it been primarily from your family? School? Social activities? Personal explorations? Do you make art? If so, what kind? What is the medium you use? What kind of style is it? Who is your audience? If you haven’t made any art, have you ever wanted to? What kind?

My Prior exposure to visual arts I have took Art Appreciation in college two years ago. I used to draw and write stories and poems.


I’ve been a heavy art appreciator in my own time for my whole life, while being an artist of sorts myself. However, in 2014 I began to paint seriously, for about 6 months. I took a long hiatus until now (Dec 2017) and am finding myself submerged in the world of oil painting.


I have had a lot of exposure to art as I come from an artistic family, my father is a cartoonist and my sister paints in her spare time, my mother also does cross stitch.
At school I undertook art classes. I have also made mosaics in my spare time.


What has been your prior exposure to visual art? ?
Has it been primarily from your family? School? Social activities? Personal explorations? Do you make art? If so, what kind? What is the medium you use? What kind of style is it? Who is your audience?

My prior exposure to visual arts is exploring the museums and seeing modern art like Andy Warhol “Campbell Soup” and Keith Harring pieces. I create cartoons and sketches and the medium I use is pen and paper. My style of art is portraits and my audience is other people who sketch.


In 2014, I was a volunteer in the event management team of a city Art biennial, where i came in close contact with many young national and international visual artists.Working here slowly triggered a strong personal urge to express my sentiments and reactions in a variety of ways.
I have started creating public art installations that are site specific, in mixed media(mostly recyclable or sustainable materials) and that evokes a sense of awakening in the minds of the observer. I don’t believe in adhering to a particular style, but i believe expression is rather an intuitive phenomenon.My art is sometimes surreal and other times strictly chaotic,discordant or liminal, but always evoking and challenging the idea of tradition in various ways. It is my own personal way of sending a message to the society of our country at large, that is ignorant and passive on a lot of issues. The audience is all my fellow city residents. I place my artwork in common public places of daily commute, where it would suddenly surprise the daily commuter, by a visual spectacle that stands by(or sometimes in!) their way.


just try to see…


Q: What has been your exposure to visual art? Has it been primarily from your family? School? Social activities?

A: Although encouraged by my family most of my learning has been driven from school, not as much from class till high school but in doodling impulsively to avoid work.

Q: Personal explorations? Do you make art? If so, what kind? What is the medium you use?

A: I focus on drawing, painting, and digital art.

Q: Who is your audience?
A: Myself. (insert overly long response) I believe that art, like the structured principles of the mathematics that composes the laws of the universe, is an innate seemingly “transcendentalist” law of consciousness. To be aware of stimuli and senses around you is to interpret them- to carry an idea outside of its generation within human instinct or the ceaseless stream of conscious, to give it a presentable form physically or as to orchestrate a preconceived plan or motion to express an idea, and an emotion, is art. It then is no over-exaggeration to claim that “everything is art” ( as the now ridiculed postmodernist ascribed); however in the infinite creative potential of mankind’s mind to combat entropy and impose image onto matter in the name of artistic and cultural development- it is also fair to say that this understanding serves as a ceiling and floor to the house of thought. When anything and everything can be art, when anyone has the capacity to create a riveting and encapsulating rendition of work, when the showcase of art (clouded somewhat by time ) finds itself intertwined to the first figures to the most popular cultural icons of today, when the collection can always be said to have an inch of merit (for it can always be appreciated either in scope or progress by the artist if no one else glances upon it) what can we take of art then if the vantage point is so profoundly unconquerable? I would say that if everything is art, and the limit, although its height is not known e is certainly still profoundly above our individual competence then the purpose of studying art must be (for me) **to be wholly driven by a desire to understand the standards “we” naturally and precognitively apply to our ideas and schema to create beauty, and to understand the movement, motion, and motivation of others in how “they” interpret an observational reality and yield art in a way fundamentally unique from “our” own. To understand art is to appreciate it on your own terms, stepping into the gallery with confidence in your opinion, but comprehension of your limitations.


I have been exposed to visual arts mostly through my mom who has always had an interest in it. I also enjoyed going on field trips with my school to different museums and exploring all kinds of art. I usually enjoy collage creation but nothing too crazy.


I have always been exposed to and a fan of visual art. Growing up in a tough inner city, I distinctly remember having an appreciation for graffiti art and comic books. In middle-school I served as a Museum Docent at Rhode Island School of Design as part of a 2 year community service project. This experience exposed me to a much broader range of art; everything from classical renaissance art to modern day animation and graphics. i eventually grew into enjoying digital audio and visual production as an art form learning programs like Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut, and Protools. Typically I did graphics or music as a hobby with friends, and not for any particular audience. My drawing art came from my fascination with comics as a kid, and my interest with music was inspired by 90’s hip hop.


I have been exposed to art ever since I was little my aunt was an artist ,and make up artist . i was inspired by that in school i was in art club which showed me the basic techniques of drawing and shading . In my style of art i show something simple with and abstract twist to it my audience for my art is my family who i share everything with .


My most influencing esposure to art took place through my year in London. I went to every art gallery I could find and to most of them more than once. It was very recreational. But I lack any knowledge so my experience has been a purely sensational one so far. I would like to dig deeper.


Growing up I have had exposure to art of several styles and mediums through my family. We went to a few local museums and galleries in southern California. My experiences of art and art forms has been mostly positive.
I have not made any art but if I was going to, I would use an impressionistic style reminiscent of Monet. His paintings have always been my favorite.
-Shannon Mainohler


I have history in my bloodline when it comes to art. My family is creative and does have the “artist gene” as well. My Grandfather was a wizard with the camera and I do Fine Art. My Uncle does fine art as well, as a hobby, and My father is great at carpentry.


Growing up, All I had really was doing my art and that caused me to grow as an artist. I loved to look at museums and see my families old art. But primarily my visual art experience has been with my family and myself and my research into it. I defiantly make art on my free time and even as a little business. I do mostly Pop Surrealism, Surrealism, and Realism. I use all types of mediums like Acrylic and watercolor, to ink and graphite. My audience is mostly family and friends, some people on social media, and If I get commissions then of course the person that pays me.


Art wasn’t big in my family I was draw to it on my own, until high school I didn’t go to a school that had any art based courses. I am new to getting into art but I have tried many different mediums, I tend to stick to traditional and just use pencils because I prefer black and white. I don’t really have an audience because I mainly do art for myself.


I’ve loved art and appreciated since I was a high school students. I have always tried to master new techniques of drawing, despite the fact that there were very little resources available resources that time in my country. My interest for art remained even after I was no longer drawing. This interest has now drastically increased again.


Im a visual artist, especialy painting and illustration. I did some local exhibitions. i got some depressions by childhood traumas and losing. Painting healed me up.


art is not just a piece of paper it is a medium to express your opinion in some visual and artistic ways !!!
every time i use to make paintings and portraits on landscape because it seems to reveal its power of beauty every time …
i am a student and made some fanatasty paintings from my childhood and awarded prices from camelin academy,pcs school art group,and now iam teaching fellows to draw ,pain tand colour for free

in my opinion art is best think octed your voice in a special manner


Hi. I think my earliest exposure to “art” was at home through my mom. She had this knack of creating beautiful visuals in day to day things, be it the food she served or a dress she made for me… anything, it always had her indelible stamp and looked beautiful.

I love the creative space and I guess in some ways I am an artist. I paint using all different kinds of mediums - oils, water, powder pastels, acrylics…though I make paintings I also love creating usable art, i.e. art that can be used, like photo frames, table mats, place mats, trays, jewelry (clay) etc.
Old buildings and landscapes inspire me the most.

My audience are my friends though some of my work has been sold also, but nothing major.


I like to read greek mythology and see the beautiful paintings.