ARTH 101 Discussion Topic 1: Exposure to Art



I am an artist :slight_smile:


I have been exposed to an art through my mother who took me to a public library that had a huge separate section of art. I was able to spend whole days seeing the reproductions of most beautiful art pieces ever. Lately in my middle school age I also attend an art school, where I found out basic composition skills, and learned how to work with pencil. But I’ve never tried to sketch again.


Hello! I’m Emma <3

What has been your prior exposure to visual art?
I have had lots of exposure to many different types of art. This is mainly because I make art myself, and I’m just a big art fan. I enjoy going to art museums of all kinds, and my family always jokes around and says that I’m the artist in the family. I’m homeschooled now, but when I went to school I used to love art class. I’ve been an “artist” since I was young.

Do you make art? If so, what kind?
I do! I try all sorts of styles of art. I love doing lettering and calligraphy, and I also sometimes do painting. I do pencil sketches, paintings, journaling, and more. I’m all over the place, and I really like making/trying new things.

What is the medium you use? What kind of style is it? Who is your audience?
Like I said, I do painting (acrylic and watercolor. I have yet to try oil), calligraphy with brush pens and sometimes paint, and I also do journaling (sort of like scrapbooking. I use paper, washi tapes, markers, aesthetics to make the page look layered and cool haha). My audience is whoever likes it, but mostly myself. I share my art on instagram (@art_is_wild) but yeah! Just anyone who thinks it’s cool :slight_smile: I haven’t found my style yet. My style might just be doing everything :wink:

I’m excited to take this course because I love art and it’s one of my main passions :blush:


Personal exsploriations has been my prior exsposier to visiual arts. I have never made any art, but I recently have been wanting to get more into art and make art. Iv been wanting to get into painting, because a famous youtuber named bob ross will always be my inspiration.


Everybody is an artist in their own ways :slight_smile:


I love your answer and that is so true. Art is not just art people do art to exspress their emotions and too draw or paint or whatever they choose to do too exspress their feelings.


I paint with acrylics and I write poetry and screen plays.


I am an artist(primarily sculpture), teacher and art history major. My favorite Sunday begins with a gallery crawl and ends with painting the sunset. I am looking forward to new perspectives on the art I think I know as well as discovering art I never knew existed!


As a sculptor, I am currently working mostly in paper- I am interested in making large scale pieces, and mastering less expensive mediums is going to be key! Most of my past work as been fired ceramic clay or oil clay cast into plaster. Many of my pieces are abstract nudes, however I also build equine art. I raise horses and cattle, and would describe my style as naturalistic.


Are your paintings connected to your written works? Either as illustrations or related via inspiration?


I paint to my writings, sometimes, but i never write to my pairings.


I wish I could have given interesting answers in response to those questions. Only time , I did draw something was 6-7 years ago in engineering drawing classes. Those were mostly formal drawings with tightly bound rule. I liked the experience of drawing machine parts, bolts . I am eagerly Looking forward to learn more of this art form. so I can also refine or possibly upgrade my visual sense like those of artist to see more.


Most of my life I have been around artists, musicians and participated in something creative. I have always been facisinated by the classic art, sketched, been to a few galleries myself and have turned to visual arts as a way of balancing my other creative endeavours. I’ve been a painted for about 4 years now semi professional. I have sold a few works, been in galleries and an a psychological expressionistic painter. I thought taking the time to study, and appreciate would give me not only a better respect and appreciation of the craft itself, but to understand and grow on a personal and profession level. We all have to pay our dues and what better way than taking the time to educate oneself on the industry.


My prior to visual art is my high school year as a senior and i still drawing and learn about art every day and go to museums. I have high participation until this day. my friend and family. Pencils and color pencils and markers. every day with art daily journal. I enjoyed it.


Art is as versatile as humanity in the sense that there is as much art form as there is man on earth and the primary need for man’s landmark provides a classification system that art quite often exceeds.
Thus, an artistic approach that includes all the senses and the life experience of a human being leads to the very uniqueness of the artist. This uniqueness is transcended by the understanding of the work and in fact brings the classification of the artist into the academic artistic canons. One of the greatest successes of an artist is to find himself in the field of the unclassifiable, but it is then that a new occurrence of classification appears and the creative work of Art resumes its cycle.


Since I was little my parents used to go to museums. We had the blessing and fortune to travel a lot. So that was a great opportunity for me to visit big and important museums such as Le Louvre. I love to paint and draw also. Love to observe the shapes, colors and beauty of all pieces of art. Love interior design too.


What has been your prior exposure to visual art? Has it been primarily from your family? School? Social activities? Personal explorations? Do you make art? If so, what kind? What is the medium you use? What kind of style is it? Who is your audience? If you haven’t made any art, have you ever wanted to? What kind?

I’ve had a lot of exposure to visual art I went to a lot of museums for the past few years and I’ve seen a lot of paintings plastered on the wall back in 10th grade it has been primarily from school.I used to make art when I was in 10th grade I took 3 art classes .I had tools such as tempera and acrylic.I’ve had experiences with various different styles such as impressionism renaissance and water color.My audience are my family and friends.


Q: What has been your exposure to visual art? Has it been primarily from your family? School? Social activities?

I grew up in Harlem, New York which at the time was one of the cultural epicenters of NYC. I attended an All-Black Charter school throughout my elementary school years, and attended the world renowned Choir Academy of Harlem HS. So, I grew up idolizing Black and Puerto Rican artists of a large variety. Langston Hughes, Michael Nugent, Piri Thomas, Pedro Pieri, Mariposa, and the list goes on. I grew up in a very unstable and broken home, so being in School was the only real escape I had was school. The school has since closed.

Q: Personal explorations? Do you make art? If so, what kind? What is the medium you use?


I began singing Gospel, and Jazz when I was six, and began writing poetry in my teens. In my early twenties, I began focusing on illustration, and painting, as singing I lost passion in it. Now, I work as a UI/UX Developer in my 30s. I have designed applications and web-pages, for Fortune and inc 500 companies. I consider what I do to be art. My medium is my Custom Built-Laptop. I use Code Visual Studio, among other programs, like Affinity Designer and Illustrator CC. At times, I will bring out my Wacom Cintiq Tablet if I need to illustrate something or if I am bored.


Everyone has an artist inside them. I have always had an inclination towards different forms of art and practised it as a hobby during childhood. However due to my priority towards academics, art took a backseat. Lately, I’m getting back to my hobby and want to learn and enrich myself.


Prior exposure to visual art was an older blonde professor that spoke in loud volumes and criticized every piece thrown in front of her. I have taken paint nite with my friends, and have found art enjoyable as no art professor was present to critique my wine-o work. My style of art is drawing cartoon characters, freestyling designs on walls and refurbishing items found at flea markets. I also write poetry and find calligraphy to be exciting and enjoyable.