ARTH 101 Discussion Topic 1: Exposure to Art

I have been drawing since I was two years old Well, it’s oxygen for me I am now 16 years old and everyone is impressed with my drawings They call me Da Vinci because I love mathematics too What I can say in the end is that your exposure to art is a beginning It is already your first stage even before you open your eyes to this worldIt would be in my opinion that if the silent manga read, it would prove that painting is a unified language In the end we do not live without art, which is what binds us in the end The artist never despairs that he always finds solutions He sees life in his style, his bright and wide imagination He creates for himself his own world to unleash his imagination
Nor did I ever study the art I see as part of happiness because it is not available in our sorry learning program

My first real exposure to art in the traditional sense, was during my Freshman year of high school. I attended a Performing Arts school, so we were encouraged to paint, create our own prints, and learn to get familiar with expression through art. We often draw inspiration from famous artists whose work spoke to us in one way or another. The first famous painting I attempted to recreate during this time, was Picasso’s “The Old Man & The Guitar”. I just felt instantly connected to the painting. And I’ve gained a real appreciation for art ever since.

Sono stata esposta all’arte dalla mia famiglia.
Disegno e scrivo, uso le matite e colori, ma ultimamente dipingo anche.

I grew up taking youth art classes at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. My parents were also collectors of paintings and sculptures they found on travels so art was very prominent in my life.

my prior exposure to visual art is just by personal explorations I’ve always appreciated visual arts and music I believe that works of art are not only in museums but literally everywhere around us all we have to do is listen well and look closely , my brother draw sometimes maybe it encouraged me when I was young to give it a try I tried and I found that’s my real passion, I joined the school art classes made painting which joined competitions and things like this… I do make art but I consider myself as a bigger I draw, paint sometimes, write stories and poems in both Arabic and English my audience is just me sometimes I show my few friends but not everything I make.

Mother was an accomplished Artist. I personally have always found interest in both fine art, and abstract sketches.

my first exposure to art is through music and needlecraft. my grandmother influenced me in crochet, sewing and knitting. She also encourage me to sing and play the ukelele.

Two years ago, i was sent by the school to attend the training for art appreciation and i discovered that i also have a talent for other art, specifically “pointillism”.

My first exposure to art was at an exhibition of Renaissance Art at the National Gallery in London.

It has sparked my interest in art history and art appreciation

I am a musician so I have a deep appreciation of that art form, and I also enjoy knitting. In terms of visual art, I have always enjoyed looking at paintings and sculpture of different eras. I would like to deepen this appreciation through greater knowledge of art history and technique.

I am not into visual art but I am more capable in performing arts. Well, I am being exposed to different performing arts like acting and dancing. Most of the time I use this kind of art to make me feel happy. It becomes my way of expressing my emotions because it helps me to feel better. Now that I am teaching art appreciation with my students, I started to like visual arts, it makes me feel connected with my roots and appreciate my cultural identity. It also make me feel sensitive with the things around me. I though art appreciation is merely appreciating work of arts but it also helped me to appreciate everything around me.

[ I was exposed to what art really is, at school.
While I was growing up as a kid paper product pack was my medium for creating art. Personally exploring this items, was made to give me the impression of reality. Out of this product packs I constructed cars, buses, chair, houses etc.
[ I make Art in the form of paintings, drawings, collages and paper constructions.
[ My media are Acrylics, oil colours, gouache, canvas, papers etc.
[ my style is mostly impressionistic.
[ my audience cut across male to female of all age range. IMG_20171006_224433_856

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my prior exposure is i used to draw ,paint and write poems of my own but i can’t appreciate what artist make

My exposure to art started when i began to get older and know more about culture and society and notice the aethestics around me in everything- nature, human body and architecture. In addition to my loving to draw since i was child in school. I make art. I draw and paint using every kind of material i could use with alot of styles . My audience limited to my friends and my close circle of communications beside my blog on instagram.

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My experience with art has been thru my daughter. She is an artist and because of her, I am taking this course. The way she can draw and create new characters, or recreate images of people she already knows, is so precise. I am amazed by her talent. She recently started drawing on Canvases and creating Bob Ross like art, which blew my mind. I always wanted to learn how to draw, but I didn’t have the knack for it, but she was born to do this. I admire her for her hard work and dedication to her skill and I’m just a proud mom. She is going to be 16 and already creates art, beyond her years!

What has been your prior exposure to visual art?
I don’t have have much exposure to art. I am naturally inquisitive and are interested in understanding interpretations of art.

Do you make art? If so, what kind?
I have sketched, and played some instruments but not much recently.

What is the medium you use? What kind of style is it? Who is your audience?
Not applicable at the moment.

Through school mainly, but I am exposed to it through media and experience.

My first primary exposure to the visual arts would be my time spent in school. Art was a required subject but for me it was different. I was always a creative individual. From as far back as I can remember I have always been passionate about the arts. It eventually flowed from school into my everyday life. One of my first passions was photography; which I still enjoy to this day. One of the other forms of art that I loved but have grown away from is dance. Both of these aspects of art have there very own special place in my heart and they always will. I’m both forms my style , audience and medium are completely different. Dance is derived from this light and airy concept, whereas, my photography is more concrete and to the point because I have a vision and an end goal. Nonetheless, both have given my life much more happiness and meaning as I explore each form in their own unique way.

I always thought art was painting or drawing on paper, so I never had much interest in it. I was then introduced to a different aspect of art that completely intrigued me my senior year of high school when I was enrolled into an Emergency Medical Services class. They called it moulage. Moulage, in the EMS world, is the art of applying mock injuries to people to simulate real life injuries for training purposes. My audience is mainly firefighters and people training to become medics.

I Had My Prior Exposure To Art In a Very Young Age As i come From a family we always treated Art in a holly sacret way.
I’ve Always Loved mom’s Poetry and encouraged myself to write my own, am 21years old now and am still writing poetry and making music on a daily basis mostly to my small base of followers on social media.

Last summer I went to the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh PA, USA. I had no idea Warhol also made films and sculptures. One of the activities there was to try silk screen painting.