ARTH101: Activities & Discussion


I had an introduction to art in Secondary School but I
always loved to draw. When I was a child I used to enjoy watching my cousin draw
and I always wanted to do it for myself. She obliged me and taught me what she
knew. From then on I was hooked.

I studied art when I got to Secondary School but the course was
purely fundamental. However, it did allow me to explore some of my more
creative inclinations. Later on, I gave it up in order to focus on “getting a
job” as I put it at the time. I finished school having never reengaged with art
and went on to do Liberal Arts in college (so the getting a job thing didn’t
pan out either).

Since, my exposure has been online and getting to an art
gallery when I can. The more memorable experiences would be when I went to Rome
and the first time I went to my home town’s local gallery.

I haven’t drawn consistently in a very long time and I’m
trying to get back into it at the moment. As part of this I decided I wanted to
learn more about art history and appreciation, as this is something that was
never touched on during my brief education.

I don’t know exactly what kind of art I’d like to create.
What medium I would like to use or who inspires me. I simply do not know
enough; hence the re-education from scratch. Through this I hope to develop my
taste and style over time.


My exposure to art started in school as a child and I have always been interested in art. I can not say that I paint or draw but my interest in interior design has encouraged me to make things for my home such as a headboard for my bed. I like making crafts.
I work in a Cultural Center which offers exhibitions by local artists and my future project to redesign part of the library’s “cultural heritage” space has aroused my curiosity in this domain.


My first real exposure to visual art was through history courses–not art history specifically, just general high school history courses. In particular, I took AP European History which included a lot of art in the curriculum. However, the art was used in a more historical and political context in the course, rather than one of aesthetics. While I really enjoyed learning about the history depicted in art and some of the political influences and ramifications of certain works, I’m looking forward to gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of the aesthetic aspects of visual art, and this course seems to be perfect to achieve those ends.


My exposure to art previously was mostly just from school. I never really learned to embrace art as i was getting older. Now that i know more about art i know that the music that i love so much is a form of art. Art is all around us and is almost everything. I have a fish tank in my room and looking at the decorations i chose to put inside to give my fish the habitat that are in i know that its all art. I have more appreciation for art then before.


My exposure to art has accelerated in the last year. I am making art in the form of manga and paint in coloring books. I really appreciated smarthistory on Khan and have been able to see almost every single one of their videos. I looked for something called ArtHistory 101 but couldn’t find it- until today, yay! The seed to boost my art interest was planted when we visited The British Museum, and I bought a book with an introduction to all the collections from A-Z, which I read on the flight back. I’ve always cherished the experience of museums and got the highest grade in art in junior high…


My first exposure to visual art was watching my grandmother decorate beautiful cakes, which was an art form in itself. She tried many different types of needlework. I have always loved beautiful paintings and photographs. The only art I’m using is doodling and using the adult coloring books. I primarily use colored pencils and markers. I really don’t have an audience for my art. I would love to learn how to paint landscapes using acrylics or oils.


Discussion Topic 6: Objective Description of Artistic Principles

Piece 1 (2D): Pollock, Jackson - Number 1, 1950 (Lavender Mist) -

This work has an asymmetric visual balance. It makes use of repetition without creating a clear pattern. It is a large scale work. There is unity both in the overall composition and the elements used.

This work makes me think of a desolate snow covered landscape in a blizzard and is a little disorienting.

Piece 2 (3D): Henry Moore -

This work is also asymmetric in it visual balance. It uses a repetition to create an undulating top line. The scale is oversize and dominating. Without using repetition it indicates two humanoid figures in different manners.

This work seems like a dynamic figure to me, although shown in a static pose the figure seems to have movement.


Hello Rose!!

A response to a 1.22.16 message; I apologize for being errant. I believe you have this correctly as art is pure expression that can be related to preservations of beauty or sending a message that makes a statement from an artist to the world at large of said artist’s era. Yes, the ability to express is a base for all humans and that covers all art forms. This expression is necessary for the human factor to experience release, therefore, allowing the ability to move forward. While this is world-wide and usually meant without pretensions, as our world reduces in “size” because of technology, we not as innocent as we once were. Bringing back to topic. Subjective/objective. I believe that when experiencing art, it is all subjective. It has taken me a long time with much study to understand the objective. As I read and explore with people such as you, I am finding objectivity easier to understand. This equates to listening to pieces that do not readily communicate to me and asking others–if I disagree–gleaning for a work. I thank you for your thoughts as I feel better for the knowledge you have extended to me.

As to responding to this particular I am over joyed that you have embarked upon a deeper study of art and found us at Saylor. What you are delving into and where this is taking you is very relevant to the revealing of yourself. I applaud you. I love the British Museum, yet have not been to the Tate. Do you go there? I do not know when next I will have time to visit this museum, but it is on my list. Continue to cherish museums as they are a tool to afford to us a knowledge that is slipping away. Please stay within “our” realm and continue to express. This is part of who we are and your voice is important. Enjoy this course. I believe you will find it interesting. I did an dwell again!!




I have had exposure to art in the past. My mother was an artist who studied at Parson’s, so she exposed me to art early on. My favorite art style would be Impressionism. Renoir is my favorite in this group even though that is my favorite I do also enjoy the Romantic painters as well.

Where the artistic ability comes through me is music. Even though I don’t play much anymore, I do enjoy trying when I get a chance. I am more of a play by ear than read music. If I don’t hear the piece first then the sheet music will just look like notes and I cannot get the melody to come out. Frustrating but c’est la vie.

I would love to paint, but seem to make my works look more like Picasso, (who is my least favorite). I am not much for a lot of the modern art.

I am so happy I found this site as I love to learn and having more time on my hands then I know what to do with, I can now learn new ways to look at the art world.


What is art? To me art is subjective. There are so many different mediums that they are too numerous to name. We all know the obvious mediums, painting, drawing, film, tv, plays, music, but cooking is also an art. Most everyone is an artist in their own way, which is why art is subjective.

In the past, I have read critiques of artworks where one critic will say that it means this, another, that, and the artist themselves will say no it means something different than what they thought. When you have two different people look at a work they will always see something different than what the other saw. Their perspective is influenced by how they were brought up and other outside biases,.

When I look at works by modern cubists, I see scribbled geometric shapes, yet others will see the greatest artists to live.

It is like how the old school artists and that community saw when artists like Monet and Renoir started painting impressionistic works. To me, the Impressionists were geniuses while to others it may just look like splotches of color.


Unit 1:Topic 1

What has been your prior exposure to visual art? Has it been primarily from your family? School? Social activities? Personal explorations? Do you make art? If so, what kind? What is the medium you use? What kind of style is it? Who is your audience? If you haven’t made any art, have you ever wanted to? What kind?

When I was a kid me and my family had pictures on our wall. I remember one of a rose that was golden on one part and red on another. It was huge. We had it on the wall behind our couch. We had other ones but I don’t fully remember them. I know it was alot of African art. People at other houses would also have pictures on their wall. I’ve also been eposed to visual art in the pictures in the story books we would read. Another way I was exposed to it was from searching the internet. I was a big Dragon Ball Z fan and would look up pictures of it and sometimes draw them. I even made a website from with a gallery of those pictures. The Dragon Ball Z pictures were my biggest exposure to visual art.

I practice art alot. I like rapping and writing poetry. I usually write them in notebooks on my laptop. I post them online at Alot of the time its ghetto, spiritual, real, and seductive. The audience right now for me is other poets.


I have been drawing ever since I was five, my best friend at the time got me into drawing, she taught me how to draw a dog. But then I became home schooled, I stopped drawing for a while, but the passion was re-ignited around the age of 13. I drew everything. I even taught my cousin to draw.
I drew animals, buildings, people, and a bunch of different other objects. But once again, my passion for art diminished. My flame went out.
Now, my passion has come back, and I’m focusing on drawing human faces. I never really realized how symmetrical the human face was until I really got into drawing faces. I mean, I’ve always knew it, but now I really see it as I’m drawing.


As far as my exposure to the visual arts is concerned, I have studied art in college. Most of what I did was in the fine arts department at the college I attended, and I did some studying in the Commercial Art department. Now for most of my art, I do a lot of art journaling which is all about self expression. I do this art in mixed media, so I use spray inks, paint, stamps, drawing, collage to create pages in my journal. My audience is whoever visits my website where I post my art.


Visual art exposure… I would have to say my exposure to visual art (paintings and object creations specifically) has come primarily through personal exploration and family ties. I will perhaps never quite forget when one cousin took the opportunity to show my sisters and I a Picasso, which was quite a big moment that stood out for me in relation to family. Visiting a glass museum in New York one winter with my family also opened my mind to the beauty of the art world, and caused me to wonder at the loveliness that could be created with glass and color.These two are the moments perhaps most defining in relation to my family’s influence in exposing me to the world of art.
As for personal exploration, I think the most defining moment I can remember and most appreciate was when my sisters and I had googled “The Girl with the Pearl Earring” to see what the actual painting looked like (after seeing so much exposure of the work from a movie that had recently come out) and in spite of being misinformed about the name of the painting! we did find it, and Also came across a huge online gallery entitled “500 years of Women in Western Art.” I found myself amazed by some eye-opening beauties in this experience. And also found that for me, People, are my favorite stars of the painter’s world.
When I paint, or draw, I usually focus on humanity. I love painting or drawing pictures of people that I find especially characterized by a beautiful countenance. Once I drew the picture of a girl’s face that was a complete stranger to me, but showed up during an Instagram hashtag search. I remember just being struck by the beauty of her face’s form. Such strong cheekbones and stunning hair! It was fun to draw in a beautiful crown onto the head of this girl who looked so regally beautiful in appearance. I’m sure we have all had moments like these…moments in which we are struck by the beauty of the person standing before us. It is these moments that I wish to capture and also create, for the benefit of any who might see what I happen to share with those around me.


What is your website?


I like this : ). Art is an expression of the soul in many ways. So it comes out in as many forms as there are people…


You should take a community college class for that type of artwork!!! I’m sure some of the assignments would be such that allowed you paint for the grade And it would be fun!



Discussion Topic 1: Exposure to Art

My prior exposure to visual art has been through musicals and art museums. It has come primarily from my mom, but school has also helped to expose me through assignments. I do not make art currently. I have made digital art in the form of YouTube montages and graphics. I have started to get into the new adult coloring book trend. I have always wished I could draw.


You might suddenly find yourself with the ability to draw at some moment of inspiration. That happened to me… : ) And now I am all into painting and other artwork!!! For real, it was quite an unexpected occurance in my life! lol.