ARTH101:Art Appreciation Lesson 1.1 issues


Lesson 1.1 is to answer questions in the forum with the link included, but the link redirects me with no discussion on this subject. I am quite disappointed that I can not even start this course and complete this activity and move on to the next lesson.

Is this going to be changed or fixed?


This is a newly introduced forum system so you can have the honour of opening the discussion of this topic here. Just post your response with a suitable title and using the appropriate category (as you did with this topic).

Later students will then be able to see and contribute to the discussion either by browsing the Art History category or searching for ARTH101.

Ideally, the discussion prompts in the course pages would be amended to reflect the new system but this is not going to be top priority as this is course is no longer actively maintained.


Thank you Paul for your quick response, I will do as you suggest.

I have one other question, I took this course (among others) in college, is there a way to apply my credits?


Hi @dlkuku – as we are not ourselves an accredited institution, you do not need to apply credits from another institution here; you may simply study what you wish at your own pace. If you feel comfortable skipping a course due to prior learning, you are more than welcome to do so. You may also jump ahead to a course’s final exam, if you feel comfortable in your knowledge of the subject; if you pass the exam with a grade of 70% or higher, you will be issued a certificate of completion for the course.

Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions; we’re happy to help out.


Arth Q-1
Art has been very important to me. Since I was a young child, I was coloring with my crayons and displaying them on the refrigerator in my moms kitchen. When I was a little older, going to town and seeing the displays in the stores window at Christmas time. And when I was a teenager and taking pictures with my new camera and putting them on my bedroom walls.
I knew at the time, I was making my own art. I might not get paid for my art, but I enjoy, because it is mine.


ARTH101 - 1.1.
My name’s Cristiana. I’m Italian and I’m based in Madrid, Spain.
I studied Art History in high school but I got really interested in it when I begun my activity as a photographer. I started to explore visual language to tell stories and to express my moods and vital experiences.
The art I make is conceptual. I use a digital camera to create the images I need to transmit - or try to, my “inner necessity”.
I’ve participated in a few group exhibition in Spain and I finishing a Master Degree in Fine Art Photography.
I’m here because I want to deepen my knowledge and understanding in this field.


Hello! My name is Teena. I am a stay at home mother of two teenaged boys and a 21 year old daughter as well as a 6 year old grandson and 1 year old granddaughter. My hobby is learning new thing and taking classes online. Art History is the first course in my goal of earning every certificate possible on Saylor.

I’ve had some exposure to visual art though my husband who was a graffiti artist and my sister both draws and is a graphic designer. Also, I’ve been to museums when I was living in San Diego. As for making art… I do not have the slightest of an artistically creative bone in my body. I haven’t been successful at drawing so much as a straight line pretty much.


Well , for me personally , art has been something i started doing at a very young age. There i got exposed to art. i have actually done soo many art work mostly , logo designing and invitation card. I do like using the typographical style most a times… independently…


I have always loved making art, whether coloring with crayons or chalk, or even playing with play doh. I eventually started to take pictures and loved being behind the camera whenever possible. I had never been inside of a museum until after I was in college and I believe it was then that I knew I wanted to make a career in art.


Discussion Topic 1: Exposure to Art

I was born in a family where creativity is part of our DNA, my grandpa was really good at drawing horses and writing poems I also have cousins that love to draw. When I was a kid I used to draw a lot and tell tales to my grandparents. Now I’m studying advertising and kind of try to have a creative life, by drawing, or thinking in an advertising way.

I feel that a person who appreciates art is more likely to respect our world(nature), have good manners and be more open-minded. That’s why I would love to make everybody fall in love with art.


ARTH101 Q1
I met art as a child when a cousin lent me some paper figures of Captain Tsubasa (an anime) to play a soccer match and we had to draw the character’s uniform and how would the their special moves would see, then i met art as expressiveness and as something enjoyable. I have kept drawing and painting more or less after that, and now i’m a graphic designer; parallel to my work i make digital illustrations (mostly for the clean look) and studio photography (not fashion, but surreal).


I love Art and can’t wait to learn more


Looking back when I was a child, I couldn’t wait to pick a picture in my coloring book to color. Or make my bedroom walls so nice with decoration. Or take a picture of my Christmas tree. How did I know, this was art, well I know now. And as a adult
I can really show off my taste.


My experience with art is in appreciating talent in others. My daughter is very talented. I try to learn more so I can encourage her.


Hello! My name is Raul, I’m Brazilian and I’m really looking forward to starting this course!

I’m almost sure visual art has been presented to me by my family, even though they seem to prefer other kinds of art. My father is a musician and my mother is an English professor and Portuguese teacher, therefore, my exposure to art has always been quite common, but since I’ve spent the most part of my childhood in the Brazilian countryside we’ve never had much access to visual art. Social activities and my personal efforts also played a major role in providing art exposure. I’m a law historian and a very curious person in Art. Many times I’ve found myself reading about it online (this very same habit led me here) and I’ve spent many hours of my life inside museums… I’m a musician and a writer, but I dislike painting or drawing - although I love paintings and drawings… I never wanted to be neither a painter nor a designer, draughtsman, … I’d rather be a lover… an art lover… that I already am!


Hi friends. I’m new to Saylor! This is not only my first class, but my first time logging in and doing my homework :slight_smile: mom should be so proud right?

I’m super excited about this Art History class. As a little girl, I LOVED writing stories. My mom would buy me coloring books, but I’d always chose few pieces of scratch paper over the Little Mermaid coloring pages (sorry not sorry). I’d say writing has been my first exposure to art. But as I’ve grown older I’ve become more and more fond of any form of art basically, especially fine art.

Lately I’ve been playing around a bit with watercolor paints & it’s been a blast. I’ve fallin completely in love with the progression following art. I have loved seeing my abilities grow as I’ve kept trying & practicing. I have loved it so much, I recently branched out & purchased some tubes of gouache paints to take a shot at, which has also been super fun.

I’ve been trying to develop my own style. That has been the most challenge aspect of exploring the arts for me. I’ve seen so many things I love. That is a big reason why I chose to take this course. To get a taste of more styles and to see what feels like me. I hope to learn about portraits, sketching, abstract art, and basically anything that will feed my raging creative hormones.


While I’m not a participant in our ARTH101 class (one day, perhaps), on behalf of our staff – welcome!


I’ve seen art primarily in High school but I’ve been to a museum and a few art exhibits as well. I’ve always had a knack for doing things a little but outside of the box. I was colouring inside the lines very early in my childhood and always loved the art classes I took in elementary school. I personally like to do pencil drawings, write short stories and do some pottery.


My prior exposure to visual art includes family photos, museum visitations, social media memes, and kid drawings.
Growing up as a young child, my mother kept many photos of family hanging in the living room and bedrooms. I experienced family memories through the family photography.
As I grew older, we would take trips to the Houston visual art and science musuems. I remember seeing paintings and sculptures from various artists in different cultures and time periods.
As I became older, I would get on MySpace, and now Facebook, and was exposed to memes. I also post family pictures of my family on social media.
Now, my own kids now draw in art class. I enjoy their crayon pictures and water color paintings. My teenage daughter likes taking photos with the digital camera. She is her high school yearbook photographer.
Over the years, visual art exposure has played a huge part in the fun parts of life and family. I appreciate the various forns of art and would like to learn and explore more.


ARTH101 - 1.1

I haven’t had much experience in art, it’s always intrigued me but my family didn’t do a lot of cultural things, such as go to art museums. I hope to change that now that I have a husband and 3 children of our own. I love art and I think it’s great for children to be exposed to it at such a young age. I had a couple of art classes throughout my grade school years, but I’ve mostly researched art myself. I have recently rediscovered my love for art. I paint mostly, I use watercolors, My style, well, I don’t really have a style, I just paint whatever I am feeling.