ARTH101:Art Appreciation Lesson 1.1 issues


Yes,of course!I like art,but i don’t very understand art.This course can help me appreciate art and create art based on it.Surprisingly,the course is free.It helps me to learn with no charge.


My prior exposure to visual art has come in many forms throughout my life. My mother was a teacher and our family had a number of books about great artists and their work. Mom liked to oil paint her own still life portraits which she hung up around our home. We also had some copies of classic paintings, including a copy of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers hanging in the living room. When I was little, I used to think, boy, that sure is a weird picture. I had no idea then that it was a famous painting. I also learned a bit about visual art from a board game called Masterpiece. It was a painting auction game that came with a set of picture postcards of famous works of art, with the title and painter’s name on the back. I remember thoughtfully studying the cards, wondering what was in the artists’ minds as they painted their future classic work, as well as what the meaning was behind them. Other than my childhood, I have learned about visual art through school, my own personal explorations, TV and movies, and my friends and family members. As for my own works of art, I have mainly drawn sketches. I am very interested in sculpting with clay at some point in the future, though.


When I was in elementary and highschool, I never had a hard time expressing myself through art. I make short stories, poems, drawings, scrapbooks, journal etc… It helped me become independent in a way that I could still talk to other people about my feelings but there’s way more outlets for myslef through it. However, everything changed (I guess) when I stepped into college, which is ironic because I graduated from a degree which is closely related to art and humanities. I barely use a pad nor a pen to express myself. I was so unsure of my thoughts because everything was too stressful and must meet the “deadline” kind of lifestyle. I might have use a different medium though that is Video Editing. However, I know I must fill this emptiness and that longing for something I used to make love to - the art of expressing myself. Which brought me here. I agree with how art is defined as “As an expressive medium it allows us to experience sublime joy, deep sorrow, confusion and clarity. It tests our strengths, vulnerabilities and resolve. It gives voice to ideas and feelings, connects us to the past, reflects the present and anticipates the future.”. I really am hoping that this course will give me knowledge and inspiration and be able to cater my needs.


I don’t understand art. With this course, I hope It can help me appreciate art and the best is free. Sorry for the bad english.


hello, my name is surabhi. If talking about myself, i have always loved drawing and paintings which is the reason of me pursuing fine art degree in painting. art is a very beautiful subject and is all about observing everthing which comes in your way. in my opinion art is a perspective, its a lifestyle and much more. well i have enrolled myself in this course because learning is never enough :slight_smile:


I got my connection with art from my mother when I was a child and gradually my interest go deeper and deeper into art, I started painting during my height school and then I did my graduation in fine arts in paintings. Not only drawing or painting but I am fascinated by every form of art. Because art is not just beautiful but art is a way of living our life


Everybody in a way or the other has been exposed to art in different forms since birth. I realized mine around age 10 when I started playing with clay and making objects out of it. since then, I told myself ‘I will be an artist in future!’ because my interest grew very high. … I am now an artist specifically a sculptor at age 22. In my studio practice, I use clothes and Plaster of Paris, creating ’objects’ (not decorative) and has been exhibiting.


Discussion Topic 1: Exposure to Art
What has been your prior exposure to visual art? Has it been primarily from your family? School? Social activities? Personal explorations? Do you make art? If so, what kind? What is the medium you use? What kind of style is it? Who is your audience? If you haven’t made any art, have you ever wanted to? What kind?

I am currently a student of illustration and design at the Art Institute. I have always loved all forms of art but I like working mostly in digital format although I also sketch, paint in acrylic, watercolor, and oil, and take all my own photographs for my digital pieces. I like working in a variety of styles from fantasy to realism and like to gear my works towards creating children’s books in the future.


i don’t ever make art but i alway try some sketch , paint and draw , my audince are my family ,friends ,and my teachers.


My name is Samira, I am Egyptian. studying art is my passion but i didn’t get the chance to do before. I experienced my first visual art exposure was at a very young age when i used to see Disney movies and also my grandmother used to let me join her when she was drawing some simple and very significant drawings with pencils. Then by the age of 7 my family discovered that I have the talent. I love most of the styles of art however, I prefer abstract. I am very glad to study art now it has been my passion since I was young. I want to make my passion my career.


Greetings to everyone! To me, art is a foundation of life. I live in Texas. Art is everywhere here. I experience art in music, local architecture, public art on the city streets, street performers, and not just the performing arts or museums. As for me, I was exposed to music at a young age. My uncle is a recording artist for the Church. My grandmother played his music for me during my nap times. Now music is an obsession to me. I consider my writing my own art form; though I am shy about it. Maybe someday my writing will no longer be a dream but a published reality.


hi , when I was kid I make all my toy by myself just paper and drawing , Im in love with art but when I beggar now I studded another thing so I need to go back to my life to art