ARTH101: Discussion Topic 2, Defining Art


Do you agree with the definition for ‘art’ as it’s explained in the reading above? Why or why not? Can you add to the definition? Is your definition coming from a subjective or objective perspective?
“It is the expression of our experience.” I agree, because each one has his own art. You can cook artistically, talk artistically, move artistically, smile artistically, play sports artistically, you can actually think artistically and do your everyday duties and job artistically. So Art is in each and every individual of us.

“Art is uniquely human and tied directly to culture.” yes Art is a human and it differs from one to another, as unique as our finger print however, it is not necessarily tied to the individual culture in which I don’t agree with that specifically. It is more tied to the soul of each individual and might be affected by our experiences and culture but not necessarily.

“It takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.” I Don’t agree with that, what actually art does to a specific subject is that it focuses the senses on it, making zoom on it, living the present in this specific subject exposed. It makes us see the beauty in things we may be take its presence in our reality for granted. Art is like prayers or meditations. Art is seeing the beauty in each and every single detail in our reality in different many aspects as many as there are different individuals with different souls and different finger prints.

“It asks questions about who we are, what we value, the meaning of beauty and the human condition.” It doesn’t question, it answers." Yes, it allows us to experience others point of views, others beauty perspectives and others feelings.

“It gives voice to ideas and feelings, connects us to the past, reflects the present and anticipates the future.” It doesn’t give voice, It is just connecting us consciously or subconsciously with other timelines and perspectives or ideas.

“Visual art is a rich and complex subject whose definition is in flux as the culture around it changes. Because of this, how we define art is in essence a question of agreement.”

It is flux for the fact that we have different perspectives may be affected by culture, society, religion, or family but not necessarily.

for me, I can define art as:
Art is like meditation or prayer, it makes us live the moment and focus on the beauty of very detailed things we take their presence for granted. It differs from an individual to another just like a finger print, and it feels beautiful to see the beauty of others finger prints, the beauty in the differences in perspectives about the beauty that their eyes see.


I like the Brodsky definition. As for me, anything that expresses a emotion within you in the form of a visual/written/other medium is art - especially emotions that cannot be expressed through routine conversations. This covers performance art - often a form of protest; poetry; paintings; sketches; abstract writing etc.


If art is subjective, then anything can be perceived as art, and if everything is art, nothing is. To say art is reflective, one must first consider, reflective of what, self? But what is self, mind, thought, perception, ego? We may observe art, and in doing so, observe ourselves, but perhaps the goal should be to observe ourselves, observing art.


The definition of art I concur most from the paragraph given is that art “asks questions about who we are, what we value, the meaning of beauty and the human condition.” When I encounter a work of art I think about how I feel in response to what I have experienced. I think about how does it fit in or is different from the world around me. Art is absolutely the expression of the human condition and the environment it occupies.