ARTH101 Discussion Topic 2: Defining Art

I follow a lot of artists on Twtr(follow me, @RoadrunnerDr. i talk about it a lot.) Having people around who have a similar passion for creating is definitely enlightening.

Art is creative expression- guided by intention, and existing in the voids of imagination. This idea, as expressed in the definition, is quite exciting! As a teacher, and student of art and art history, I have always found the more traditional definition of art(a skilled, intentional, creative expression) a bit limited, short sited and naive.

Whether this interpretation of the definition of art can be considered objective is a more challenging question. I ask myself: “How has my academic study of art limited my definition of what qualifies as ‘art’? How does street art fit into my formal paradigms? What makes ones persons personal expression more valuable?”

More importantly, how does one balance the value of craftsmanship versus the artist’s creative concept?

As an art teacher, I am daily faced with these questions-

Which is a better piece of art? The conceptionally superficial, perfectly executed drawing or the unskilled, highly symbolic creative one?

Do you agree with the definition for ‘art’ as it is explained in this unit? Why or why not? Can you add to the definition? Is your definition coming from a subjective or objective perspective?

Yes. Because it Art is uniquely human and tied directly to culture and historical past and understanding the future to come.
objective perspective.

Art for me is everything surrounding me. Every color,shape, object in nature. Also what we can create from our own imagination. From our vision of things. I think art is very important in our lives. I love painting, photographs, and dance. Music for me is also art.

The definition of art is very opinionated. It means different things to different people. I just say its an expression of our personalities.

Do you agree with the definition for ‘art’ as it is explained in this unit? Why or why not? Can you add to the definition? Is your definition coming from a subjective or objective perspective?
Yes, I can agree the assessment given. Art is a personal experience. Each individual will feel drawn to various kinds of expression. Personally, a lot of performance art evades me. But that doesn’t make it any less notable as art. Others are deeply moved by it, and believe it brings important themes to the forefront in a beautiful way. So whatever the brand of method of expression, if it speaks to even one person on a more personal level: it can qualify as art.

Sono completamente d’accordo con la definizione di arte così come è data nel tuo testo. Mi piace particolarmente quando dice che: “Prende l’ordinario e lo rende straordinario”. Vorrei solo aggiungere che per me è strettamente legato all’estetica e che è assolutamente soggettivo: quello che mi piace non ti deve piacere e viceversa.

Sono completamente d’accordo con la definizione di arte così come è dati nel tuo testo. Mi piace soprattutto quando dice: “Prendi l’ordinario e lo rende straordinario”. Vorrei solo aggiungere che è sempre legato.

Art is a very personal subject.
I feel that one piece of art whether it be a painting or a dance may hit someone’s emotions more so than another person.
I believe art becomes alive differently for everyone.

I think that art is something that help us appreciate our life…Art is dissemination of reality and an interpretation of what we see…It stimulates the sens, feelings and let us think…It can be beautiful or not…
I think that art exists in everything, and everyone has their own conception of art.
I agree with the definition of art as it given in the text.
Now, I think that appreciate art can’t be objective, because it is function of our openess to it.Art stimulate our sens, and each of us has a way of reacting to it.

yes i am !
bcz :arts
Is a talent and an exceptional language that allows the individual to express himself, such as the translation of feelings and conflicts that occur in its core depths,

From the point ‘Art is uniquely human …’ has this general conception the Art is all about Life. ART IS THE CONNECTION OF HUMMAN AND LIFE. From kind of foods, to clothing language, movement, it’s all culturally inclined.
I do agree with the definition of Art given in this unit.
Art is the way one think and expresses his or her self, through any medium. From body movement (acting) to creativity interpretation of you thought through writing, drawing, painting sculpting, photographing, dancing, creative speaking, etc.

Beside the academic definition of art is the the Conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic object I think art is everything in the universe that expresses our feelings and our ideas and God himself created the human being and created the whole universe is such of art

To me, Art is an expression of ones true character. I agree with the explanation of the discussion because everywhere we go, as we go about our daily lives, there is Art everywhere. Whether its a school sign or a Mural on the side of a building. People in general love to be creative, everyone just has to find their niche.

To me, art is change seen through one’s own perspective, just as much as it is the manifestation feeling and personality as well as expression. Art has no real form as it is based on each individual person. I can draw a picture and think is a masterpiece and other people can agree but even if it is only one person, they can think it nothing more than trash. Art definition changes from person to person but a simple definition if I had to choose one would be - Art is beauty based on a person’s likes and dislikes.

I completely agree with the definition. One thing I can add is a bit abstract, but Art is something personal. Its not about what it is but how it makes you feel.

There were two definitions given as to what is art and I can only half heartedly agree with either of them. The first definition stated: ‘ conscious use of skill and create imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects’ , which in fact is not wrong but could be elaborated a bit more thoroughly. The next definition stated: ‘art is an expression of our experience’ which is not always true either.

If you were to intact combine the two definitions and elaborate you would get a more subjective definition in itself. After much thought and consideration my definition of art is as follows:

‘Art is the conscious use of skill, imagination and self expression to produce an emotion through various forms, while embodying and experience.’

If I were to break this down for you it would go as follows. Art captures a persons experience and is arranged with such precision that it allows you to embody the emotion they felt during their own experience. Art interprets a story in a visually pleasing way to allow others to enjoy the story.

While I agree with this definition, I would like to add that art can be found in everything. Art does not have to be a piece of pottery or ceramic. Art does not have to be a framed image. Like art in my life is used for instructional purposes. I use the art of moulage to create realistic injuries on a person to teach firefighters and potential medics how to treat life threatening injuries. Some would describe my art as realistic, beautiful, and detailed, while others who don’t like the sight of blood or injuries may describe my artwork as scary and sickening to them. Either way it is still a version of art. Everyone’s perspective of art is different.

Perhaps ‘art’ is ‘art’ because that was the intention of the creator. I cannot appreciate some of the art I am exposed to and often choose to focus on the art I can appreciate. There is so much art to see in any museum that my spirit is fed by a just fraction of the displays.

I agree that art is really just a way that humans express themselves. Art is not just meant to be shown to others, it is meant to get others to feel an emotion.