ARTH101 Discussion Topic 2: Defining Art



I follow a lot of artists on Twtr(follow me, @RoadrunnerDr. i talk about it a lot.) Having people around who have a similar passion for creating is definitely enlightening.


Art is creative expression- guided by intention, and existing in the voids of imagination. This idea, as expressed in the definition, is quite exciting! As a teacher, and student of art and art history, I have always found the more traditional definition of art(a skilled, intentional, creative expression) a bit limited, short sited and naive.

Whether this interpretation of the definition of art can be considered objective is a more challenging question. I ask myself: “How has my academic study of art limited my definition of what qualifies as ‘art’? How does street art fit into my formal paradigms? What makes ones persons personal expression more valuable?”

More importantly, how does one balance the value of craftsmanship versus the artist’s creative concept?

As an art teacher, I am daily faced with these questions-

Which is a better piece of art? The conceptionally superficial, perfectly executed drawing or the unskilled, highly symbolic creative one?


Do you agree with the definition for ‘art’ as it is explained in this unit? Why or why not? Can you add to the definition? Is your definition coming from a subjective or objective perspective?

Yes. Because it Art is uniquely human and tied directly to culture and historical past and understanding the future to come.
objective perspective.


Art for me is everything surrounding me. Every color,shape, object in nature. Also what we can create from our own imagination. From our vision of things. I think art is very important in our lives. I love painting, photographs, and dance. Music for me is also art.