ARTH101: Discussion Topic 2, Defining Art


Discussion Topic 2: Defining Art

Do you agree with the definition for ‘art’ as it’s explained in the reading above? Why or why not? Can you add to the definition? Is your definition coming from a subjective or objective perspective?

When I asked myself this question before reading the excerpt it was very difficult for me to put into words what I’d define art as. After reading I completely agree with the writers definition of art , he covered all aspects and was able to give great explanation. To add to the definition would be either a sad repeat of what was said or just plainly incomparable to the definitions that were given.


Art is whatever you make art to be I don’t believe in limiting your artistic value just using a pencil and paper. Art personally for me is visual


Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artworks, expressing the author’s imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.
The nature of art, and related concepts such as creativity and interpretation.


My definition of objective Vs subjective is this: stand up close to a painting, sculpture, etc. Notice the paint strokes, the chisel marks, welds. You’re looking at it as something someone did. Stand back a ways. What you feel when you see it takes one into the subjective realm.

Or look at it in the way that music is an art form. You can either sit there objectively and see if everything is in rhythm and in time, or you can sit there and just…listen. Let it fill you up and think about how it makes you feel.

And, everyday experiences can be turned from pure mechanical processes to an art form. For me, you can watch a quarterback throw a football and objectively watch the rotation and the trajectory, or you can see the rotation and trajectory and think how so few people can do that consistently and how perfect the motion is as it sails through the air.


I agree. Although there is the dictionary definition, there will be some who disagree that a certain object would be considered art. I think as I move through this course my perspective of what art is will change too. The definition includes art uses “creative imagination” and for “the production of aesthetic objects”- that is very subjective.

Personally, I think visual art could be basically anything from the design and make of a chair to the paint on the wall. Honestly, in irony, I think a thing becomes art when the creator declares himself/herself as an artist. How could we put that in an objective sense?


How I define art.

Anything can be labelled Art, as shown in the early 20th century art movement of Dadaism, challenging the concept of fine art with anti-art. This is an important idea to involve when discussing what defines art or an artwork. To define art after understanding this concept, I define art as anything that is created to create an emotional response.

I paint in oils, inks & watercolour, but also enjoy photography, sculpture & mixed media. Depending on which medium I’m working in will reflect into it’s subject matter, but I enjoy seascapes, nudes & animals. My style also changes depending on what I’m using to paint with & what the subject matter is, from impressionism to cubism & avant-garde conceptual pieces. I don’t sell my work as yet, so my audience is more a reflection of what interests & inspires me rather than catering to others.


In addition to my earlier reflections on the word “art”, I want to add one more observation.

Art is, by definition, fake. That is because it is always intentionally created. A painting doesn’t paint itself, a sculpture is not naturally formed that way, a performance doesn’t occur naturally. Even the presumed artistic work of a serial killer is fake. The deaths did not occur naturally, the bodies did not fall into those positions. So in all cases art cannot apply to the description “real”. It is always fake. Would something be real, then it is by definition not art.

Even an audience’s reaction is fake, because it is forced. Even though a spectator can respond in a natural way to a piece of art, the reaction would not occur naturally that way, but is evoked by the artwork, therefore not being a natural event, and thus it is fake.

Now some artists want to mimic reality as closely as possible, and even want their art to be perceived as something real. This is then a lie, the audience is swindled. One could debate on the ethics of this.


For me art is everything and every thing is ART.
When you see engineer applying his/her trade, without hindrance, what results is art.
The same goes for a doctor, lawyer or even a street sweeper. I have seen some street sweepers with that passion and dedication that is awe-inspiring. All that they in common ask for is acknowledgement of that simple fact.


I would define art as any form with history or culture behind it. Many forms of art tell a story or about a particular time in history.


I definitely agree with the definition of Art in the text. and would add that Art is the perception & appreciation of beauty - subjective. While some art can be universally appreciated without education, the rest can can only be appreciated by education - which creates a bias.


Too early to say. I’m actually still exploring and educating myself through various avenues and deep contemplation. As of right now i despise the fact that pre arranged objects such as fruit on plates is considered art. I’m beginning to feel that somehow art is being synonymous with temptation… which in my opinion couldn’t be further from the truth.


Do you agree with the definition for ‘art’ as it’s explained in the reading above? Why or why not? Can you add to the definition? Is your definition coming from a subjective or objective perspective?

I do agree with the reading above. I believe that it can be found all around us, in the environment, in self expression; it can be derived from people’s own personal experiences. My definition is both objective and subjective.


Discussion Topic 2: Defining Art
Do you agree with the definition for ‘art’ as it’s explained in the reading above? Why or why not? Can you add to the definition? Is your definition coming from a subjective or objective perspective?

I agree with the definition of art but think more could be added to it. I would add that art also makes us feel a certain way, and causes a reaction in the viewer. This is coming from a subjective perspective.


Well, am very much impressed by this chance i have got to enrich my gift. Normally, am not an artist professionally but sometimes there’s when i look at someone and see many sculptures in that person, sometimes end up laughing at the real person as i try to make an image in a way i was seeing.


Do you agree with the definition for ‘art’ as it’s explained in the reading above? Why or why not? Can you add to the definition? Is your definition coming from a subjective or objective perspective?

I strongly agree with the definition of art given in the text. It sure is something beyond perfection. But what I think is art is not a certain form of work. It’s basically something infinite. Creativity and imagination is contagious in it. Art is all about creating. Art inspires, illuminate and spread beauty and love. Art is something that everyone has got. Art can be of any form. Art is art it all depends on one’s perspective and creativeness. The world is filled with plenty of art that’s been made by nature. Beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, sea, sky., galaxies etc it’s all art. Art has no limits or boundaries. For me art is about creating and inspiring. Art provides internal peace. Set no limits or boundaries towards imaginations, the more imaginations and inspiration you got the more creative you’ll be.


Do you agree with the definition for ‘art’ as it’s explained in the reading above? Why or why not? Can you add to the definition? Is your definition coming from a subjective or objective perspective?
I agree with the reading as it states: "Art is uniquely human and tied directly to culture. It takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. It asks questions about who we are, what we value, the meaning of beauty and the human condition. As an expressive medium it allows us to experience sublime joy, deep sorrow, confusion and clarity. It tests our strengths, vulnerabilities and resolve. It gives voice to ideas and feelings, connects us to the past, reflects the present and anticipates the future."
This quote, to me, describes the deep emotions, feelings and experiences art can bring to the person making the art and the person viewing or reading the art.It describes the conversations we have as artists and viewers. As an artist, I put myself in to each piece. On the other hand, as a viewer I can connect with the piece, I find myself in the works of art that other create and they become a part of me.
In my own opinion, art is a conversation between that artist and the viewer/reader/watcher. The artist puts a small piece of themselves, what is happening to them in their personal lives, and what is happening to them in their art journey. After looking at some process sketches and sketch books of artist such as Hopper and Matisse in my drawing class, I was able to experience how the artist came to the final product. SO much changes from the initial planning of a project to it’s completion. I can’t help but think that much of what is happening to the artist changes the way the artist draws and/or paints as they go along. The artist is able to express their emotions, thoughts and personality as they create their piece.
The second half of this is the viewer. The viewer may see a painting as nothing one day, but the next they experience the art in a completely different manner and find a bit of themselves or their experiences it it. Take the Mona Lisa for example. Many of us can find ourselves in this painting. We see the parts of us that we keep hidden and confined in ourselves. When I look at this painting I see that the subject is keeping a part of himself concealed or hidden away. I can connect with this. Then, I wonder if the artist has something hidden and concealed away.
I definitely think the definition of art can be different for all. Some may say poetry and literature are types of art. Others may not agree. Some may say movies and television are art, others will disagree. I think the definition of art is a living thing. It changes with the times, and with the people who are interacting with it.


Defining art. I define art as expression through creation.Some may copy reality, some are more expressive and imaginative. Most art evoke an emotion/s from the viewer. It can be positive or a negative emotion or a mix of both.

It is, for the most part, a subjective appreciation. However, to see it from a pure objective view is difficult (in my opinion). If one is to see art objectively, I believe, it would entail, a good handle of the style, design, focus and subject. Also, and more important, the description of the work by the artist. Only then can one view a specific art work and define it with utmost objectivity. Even then, our own individual inherent biases will play its part. (Of course this is only my opinion).


I have been active as an artist since 2000, though my love for art started as a young child through high school. I returned to art after a career in the navy, I needed another purpose in life besides working and at the advice of a good friend I taught myself how to draw. later I taught beginners how to draw. I have also moved to photography and video’s.


Do you agree with the definition for ‘art’ as it’s explained in the reading above? Why or why not? Can you add to the definition? Is your definition coming from a subjective or objective perspective

I do agree with the definition of art in the reading. Art is definitely an expression of our experience, but it can be so much more than that when the artists reaches into their imagination. Art is inspiration, it inspires the viewer to experience a feeling or emotion that they may not think they could get from a piece and people can have to different emotions from the same piece.


I absolutely agree with the difention in the reading.
Art is an expression of our experience and a way to show feelings when we can’t put it in to words we show through drawing, painting and sculpture