ARTH101 Discussion Topic 3: The Artistic Process



Seems to me that those who can successfully claim to make ‘art’ are those who make art! Such claims will be more successful if the person making the claim possesses appropriate symbols of artistic status/competence. What these are will depend on culture and period. It may be an Art School degree or it could be a track record of gallery exhibitions or acceptance by those in a position to define ‘taste’. Duchamp put a urinal in a gallery and it was art; if I tried that I would probably be arrested!

Having said that, I think anyone can make art! We all have some grain of artistic ability. But the extent to which artworks will gain recognition is not enirely in the artists’ hands.

Ability and skill must be involved in producing artworks. But the latter are so varied that it’s hard to say exactly what skills are required. But I wouldn’t rule anything out!

By the way, I think this is a great course. I’m enjoying it big time.


Who makes art? Do you think artists have innate ability or acquired skill (or both)? How do artist’s roles change with different cultural considerations?

I believe that we are all artists because art isn’t just about painting an exact replica of King Henry VIII to show how wealthy and powerful he was, it’s much much more than that and covers such a vast range of things. There are the traditional artists like your Rembrandts and Da VInci’s but what about the child who draws their first picture at school or the man who uses rubbish to make impressive sculptures or the street artists who create murals or sand sculptures. Some people moan and say ‘I can’t draw or I can’t make that’ and I would say they can. It will be their own take on a piece of art or an original style of their own. Just because something might be a scribble or may be made from twigs doesn’t make it less of a piece of art. It is all about the human expressing themselves, their emotions, their passion for a favourite place or just being at one with their imagination.

Art to me, isn’t just about drawing or painting, its the whole creative thing like writing, dance, music and photography where different people express their passion for something. I think we all have that artistic ability to create anything we want but along with that is the passion to develop so through practising, being inspired and learning from others, our talent in an artistic flair can shine. When we start a new job, we may not be very good at it in the first few months but once you get involved in the job and developing your skills, then you do become good at it and then you share your skills with other people. Some artists declare that when they are involved with their art form, it’s as if their is a divine energy guiding them to produce a certain painting or piece of music or novel and I think this is true because I have experienced this myself as a painter, musician and writer. Words or colours or sounds just come into me from an energy and then later you look back and wonder where that came from. Sometimes when I am painting, I can see my hand with the brush but some energy is controlling my hand willing me to make a certain stroke or use a certain colour.

In one culture, someone who is making wicker baskets from willow or sails for a boat may be considered an artist by that culture but in other cultures this may be seen as work. In one culture, a graffiti artist may be seen as a criminal for spraying paint over the sides of buildings but in other cultures this would be considered art and a means of them expressing themselves visually.


Creating art is absolutely human ability.
To my mind, every person have ability to create, but to become a great artist – you have to work hard, to be self-confident and to believe, that you have enough talent to make one day a Piece of Art.
But no one knows exactly what power make artist to create. It is still a riddle. :relaxed:


I agree with this. God is the Creator of every living thing. He created humans in his image and gave them the ability to create. I believe we all have artistic capabilities but only some of us have the innate ability to create actual works of art.


I think that Anything and Anyone makes art.
Whether it be the clouds painting the skies hues of purple and gray or a young boy painting his heart on a canvas. People have different variations on what they believe art to be and that will never change. People have the ability to do anything they choose regardless if they haven’t got skill set although it’d be a bonus.
Artists roles can change when they consider different cultures because they attempt to that of the cultural standard or expectation.

Andrew Knowles role model is the late Jean Michael Bahasquiat this clearly influenced him heavenly so his art show is depicted around the culture and style that Bahasquiat also depicted.


Humans are designed to make art Humans are art within itself there is no other mammal completely like humans. Our art drives the world today through technology, graphic designed, interior design, fashion, music, movies and many more. I believe our art expresses the environment that we are in.

Example A: Shows today’s art of pop culture (Rest In Peace Prince)

Example B: Shows art during the renaissance ages

Example C: Shows art during the Egyptian period


Who makes art? Do you think artists have innate ability or acquired skill (or both)? How do artist’s roles change with different cultural considerations? Support your answers with examples, and provide any links or images that help in your explanations.

Anyone who is inspired enough to create something is an artist, or someone who makes art. I think artists have a combination or innate ability and acquired skill. Some are born with a natural gift at drawing or painting, while others spend years practicing and refining their craft to get it just right. Artists’ roles change with different cultural considerations because their motives and purposes to create change over time. An example would be ‘Liberty Leading the People’ which Eugène Delacroix painted to capture a specific moment. His purpose was to save that moment in time. Today, while people still create art to capture moments, they also create it to help inform and better our world. An example would be Kevin Carter who’s photos of African children dying of hunger helped create attention and notice to a growing problem. After his pictures received much attention, more actions were taken to help prevent child hunger.


Who make art? Although I’ve yet placed a strong direct answer on what art is in the first place, I believe that art is made from the Great Creator of all and everything. However, i also do believe the people who reenact and demonstrate the various and vast displays of art take a part in being art makers. I do think the artist should have both ability and skill. How would skill develop without having the ability and how would ability not eventually bring about skill? I suppose an artist’s cultural considerations suggest some change, because the view is now different from those perspectives. Life is happening everywhere and in different colors, shapes and sizes. How we reenact the emotions it bestows and enlivens to us is an artist’s job. Agree?


Who makes art? Do you think artists have innate ability or acquired skill (or both)? How do artist’s roles change with different cultural considerations? Support your answers with examples, and provide any links or images that help in your explanations.

I believe anyone who wants to express themselves can make art. Whether you dance, paint, draw or even mime; anyone with a desire to create can make art. Art can be intangible or tangible, stir emotion, make discussion or cause controversy - wherever your vision lies art is possible. However, I do believe that there are many people with a natural ability. Just as you have some people who are “born” to sing or are gifted speakers, I do believe one possesses an innate ability to create, through whichever medium they choose.

This is a 19th Century Lipiko Mask from the Makonde Culture, from Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique.

Lipiko masks are used by the Makonde at boys’ and girls’ initiation ceremonies to represent spirits. The masks are noteworthy for their realism, each depicting details of a particular facial type and hairstyle. Lipiko masks are often caricatures representing members of neighboring groups, religious leaders, and colonial officials.


I believe that art is a purely human concept thus, only humans can create “Art”. However, it is my belief that anything can create what we deem as beauty. These creatures unknowingly create beautiful things that are aesthetically pleasing to us Humans. I guess to consider it art, we must ask did these creatures create for the sole purpose of aesthetics or was it serendipity out of need.


Topic 3: The Artistic Process
Anyone whom calls themselves an artist or those creating art, practicing art or demonstrating an art. In my opinion, not everyone have innate ability and may have to acquired the artistic skill to become an artist because for some people it doesn’t always comes naturally. Some people have to practice much harder than others to achieve their goals in this artistic world. Artist’s roles change with different cultural considerations with innovation and surroundings factors of environment. For an example, ancient Egypt and the pyramids were a form of art themselves. They were intertwined with drawings and etchings to show paths of highly respected and worshiped people. Another example of artistic talent could be described in Graffiti. Graffiti can reflect ones self in many ways to the public or may display a love for a specific group.


I agree with your answer.


Who makes art? Do you think artists have innate ability or acquired skill (or both)? How do artist’s roles change with different cultural considerations? Support your answers with examples, and provide any links or images that help in your explanations.

Anyone can make art, but the people who do are probably those who understand or see art more. I believe artists can have both an innate ability or skill, or neither. In different cultures, there are obviously different types of art made. That may be the classic painting, or in other areas carving may be more traditional.


As to who makes art, I think art is a combination of imagination and skill. As such, anyone who creates something using imagination and effort is an artist. At least in that moment. The level of skill that the artist has is often in direct proportion to the amount of time and energy she has put into the craft. The roll of the artist depends on the context in which they find themselves.

For instance, a small school child may be asked to draw a picture of themselves and their family for a class project. Most likely the child will not have a lot of skill in the craft of drawing and will not have developed their subtle thinking beyond a basic, naturalistic expression of their family life. Nonetheless, what they created is still art. It serves the purpose of completing a school assignment, engaging in dialogue with their colleagues on the similarities and differences between their families and cultures, and developing physical, mental, and emotional control.

Now contrast that to an adult who has worked in a particular medium for many years. When he creates a piece of art it may reflect an adults perspective of a cultural, religious, or political event. It may be an expression of an opinion or a protest against a perceived injustice. In any case the level of subtlety and skill on all levels will likely be more developed. However, the “art piece” is still just a persons response to something. In that sense, I don’t think that artists’ rolls change with different cultural circumstances so much as artists adapt, with varying levels of success and sophistication, to the the cultural circumstances in which they find themselves.


I agree your opinion.That people, artists are always try to use visual aid to express that idea. Like writers usually use compositions to express themselves.


People make art. Art is something that people use to express themselves more. I believe artists have both innate ability and acquired skill. They are born with the talent of making art, but as with any person doing anything, the more they practice it, the more their skill improves. Nowadays, an artist’s roles will change with different cultures when they are trying to represent something. Different cultures have different things to represent or show. A black artist and a spanish artist may have different things that they are proud of, and will show that through the art that they create.


I think Artists make art. However, maybe our notions of who or what can be an artist are a little boxed in. I think that everything has the capacity to “become the artist,” so to speak. If human artists can have an “innate ability” to create, which I believe is simply intense desire converted into practice and skill, then so can nature, right? After all, we are as ‘natural’ as any other bit of nature.

I’m not sure how artists roles change according to cultural nuance. I’m not entirely sure what an artist’s role is in my own culture.


Who makes art? Well essentially any human can create if its pleasing to the desire. It’s all in perspective. One might strongly dislike Brussels sprouts, but one might want to consume it everyday, it’s the same concept. The culture can deeply impact art in a sense of technique. The Chinese’s style of art is different than italy’s Because of their culture. China seen in the picture uses water color with soft strokes and Italy goes for the much more realisticimageimage


People make art, but those with the imagination and ability and the desire to do so are the ones who become more prominent. Their skill grows as they progress.
Different cultures express themselves differently, for example African Art versus Chines Art, or as we saw with the 3 works in test 2. Art also changes as communities change. For example in Europe, iconic art in the middle ages changed to realistic art during the Renaissance, Expressionism in the 19th Century and abstract in the 20th century.


Different cultures and people make art. Art in a sense is a general endeavor to an extent where anybody can make it. Even if the artist isn’t skilled I feel as if artist has both innate and acquired skill. An artist’s role can also change because of the atmosphere. If there are different cultures then the artist art might be influenced by that style.For example if the artist is in another country and starts to embrace the culture his/her art style might change and he/she will pick up an new art style.