ARTH101: Unit 5 - Discussion Topic 9: Film Study


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The film industry is a major part of the economy and, like other artistic mediums, it both reflects and anticipates the culture surrounding it, although Hollywood arguably has a culture all its own. Now, independent films (those made outside of the big Hollywood studios) are having a larger effect on audiences because they can examine themes and ideas beyond what the big studios decide to finance.Respond to the following questions:

  • How often do you see a film?
  • Do you view films in a theatre or on other digital media?
  • What kind of films do you like; human interest stories, action films, romances, fantasy or animation?
  • What are your thoughts on film’s role to entertain and inform?
  • What is your favorite film? Why?

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How often do you see a film?

I watch films about once a week but would certainly watch more if there were more high
quality films available.

Do you view films in a theatre or on other digital media?

Both. It really depends on the film. When a major motion picture such as Titanic or The Great Gatsby comes out, I prefer to watch it on the big screen in order to have a more immersed viewing experience. For most other films, I prefer to watch them on my HD television set from an HDMI connection to my computer. In other words, I prefer to either download or stream a digital movie to watch. The main advantage is that I can pause it when I like and “rewind” to watch a scene more than once if I didn’t properly hear or understand it. In addition, I may be able to keep a “hardcopy” of the film to watch it again in the future if it was a particularly good one.

What kind of films do you like; human interest stories, action films, romances, fantasy or animation?

I most like the Drama, Horror, Suspense, and Historical Fiction genres but also often indulge in the occasional Documentary style of film.

What are your thoughts on film’s role to entertain and inform?

I think the main role is to carry the viewer into another, unknown, world through the eyes and perspectives of the film’s characters as well as through its time and place settings. People want to be distracted from the mundaneness of life. And what better way than to become immersed in a new world where the unexpected is expected? Through a film we can learn about ourselves. As our thoughts and emotions may be placed on a roller coaster ride when watching a film our own views and beliefs can become questioned and even changed, especially if the filmmaker (and mostly the screenwriter of course) did a good job. That is the power of film. Unlike other visual art forms, film has that certain je-ne-sais-quoi x-factor that makes it extremely powerful.

What is your favorite film? Why?

This is such a difficult question to answer because there are so many. Moreover, my selection seems to change as I grow older and have learned more about the world. The one, however, that seems to stick with me is The Shawshank Redemption. I think the main reason being that: although we live in a very unjust world, eventually, justice will prevail in one way or another. Moreover, the film’s characters are spectacularly interesting. The film reminds us that in life, we must be even cleverer than the fraudsters and tricksters that mean us harm. Our brains and will are our most powerful weapons. The film gives everyone hope that they too can prevail in this harsh world.

  • Dan Fournier, 2016-02-10


How often do you see a film?
Probably once or twice a week
Do you view films in a theatre or on other digital media?
Mostly on computer or phone! Occasionally at the movie theater
What kind of films do you like; human interest stories, action films, romances, fantasy or animation?
I like documentaries and true stories the best.
What are your thoughts on film’s role to entertain and inform?
I think that film gives us an amazing opportunity to entertain and inform.Videos can help inform the public and give more information than ever before.
What is your favorite film? Why?
My favorite film is the Titanic. I think it is timeless and tells an intriguing story while still portraying a historical event accurately.


How often do you see a film?
I see a film about once a week. If not once a week, at least every other week.
Do you view films in a theatre or on other digital media?
I mostly view films on other digital media because I tend to rather be in solitude at home. I also can pause the film if I want to and come back to it. Once in a while, I will go out to a theatre to see a film if other people ask to go, and if a movie I really want to watch is out.
What kind of films do you like; human interest stories, action films, romances, fantasy or animation?
I really can like any type of movie as long as it keeps me interested, and has a good story. I really like movies that have meaning to them. Although, my favorite films are those of suspense, romance, and human interest.
What are your thoughts on film’s role to entertain and inform?
I honestly believe the role of a film depends on the type of film it is. If it is an action, horror, suspense, fantasy, or animation, the role may be to immerse you into a totally different world and distract you from reality. If the film is a human interest, historical fiction, or romance, its role may be to send you a message or make you more emotional than other films.
What is your favorite film? Why?
Well lately I been into romance films and I would have to go between Dear John and The Notebook. They both keep me very interested and send a message about love in a way. They both involve two characters who are more opposite, yet they are in love. The characters go through something that separates them apart for a long time, but somehow in the future end up reuniting. When they reunite, they remember the love they had. They are both very sweet movies that can get your emotions going.


Growing up film has been a big part of my life. From watching Disney’s various animated films to watching everything from documentaries and mysteries to fantasies and romances, film has been there progressing and regressing in its ideas and artistic outlets. For the last few years, I have not been able to see films as often as I would have liked. My education and job have taken up a lot of my time, however, with my education completed for the time and a change in jobs, I have more time to dabble in things I enjoy including film.

I have typically enjoyed going to the theater to see a film as there is something so theatrical about going to a theater. In more recent years, with the rising costs in theater tickets and honestly, fewer films I am interested in, going to the theater has become less of a way to experience a film than watching it from the comforts of my home where the cost of popcorn is less than $3 for the entire box. I still enjoy seeing films in a theater, don’t get me wrong, but I also enjoy seeing a film at home either by myself or with family or a few friends. Amazon prime videos and Netflix have really expanded the way people can watch films and the number of films available for viewing, a downfall of the theater.

Much like my taste in music, my taste in film is also very varied. I enjoy watching human interest stories and documentaries although not as often as I enjoy watching action films or fantasy films. Romances are not usually at the top of my likeness pyramid, however, a good romance, or “love story” as I like to call them, can easily become my favorite if it is a solid story. My entire decision as to whether I enjoy the film or not is based almost solely on the story. If the story is a good one, or a solid one, then chances are I will enjoy it. If the acting is good, even better. If the visuals are also good, that is simply icing on the cake. My favorite film at this time is the 2004 rendition of Phantom of the Opera. Although it is a “love story,” it also has intertwined a story of mystery regarding the phantom and how Christine came to be at the opera house. I absolutely love how music and art are so tastefully displayed in the film and the black and white portions of Raoul as an older man reminiscing about the past which is portrayed in color is beautifully contrasting.

I believe that film can have various roles in our society. Not only does it entertain but it also informs by way of documentaries and historical renditions and captures the cultural or societal views of the time. For instance, the film Gone with the Wind gives us a look at what life may have been like during that time period and also portrays the views held by society during that time in American history. It also entertains the audience because of its story and the portrayal of the events that took place. Some films may simply be to entertain the audience. For instance, the film Jurassic Park was meant to entertain and has done so to the point of having an entire franchise existing because of it. Although if watched closely, the film can inform its audience of the consequences of using science for monetary gains and also can give some accurate pieces of information regarding the pre-historic dinosaurs.

All in all, I believe film has its place in society for many different reasons. It is society that can alter the way a film was intended to be used for various reasons and is up to the viewer to form an opinion for themselves regarding the film and whether or not anything from the film can be applied to his or her life.