ARTH207:Baroque Art to Neoclassicism

                          ARTH207:Writing Assesment#3
                            Guide to Responding

1.The Ecstacy of St.Theresa by Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1645-1652),Baroque in Rome,S.Maria Della Vittoria
General Points

  • A dramatic representation of St.Theresa’ autobiography,while having experienced with a divine vision
  • An Angel throwing a golden arrow to her hurt,to send her in Ecstacy’s spiritual state.
  • A large sculptural monumental cluster created with marble into an architectural requirements and demands
  • The Angel seems to put her in spiritual probation

How is this representative of Baroque Art ?

  • Idealism in contradiction with materialism
  • Mobility and flow
  • Part of a religious scene
  • Imitation of reality under of strict rules of the analogies and harmony
  • Majesty and Exaggeration especially in the aspects of clothing
  • Plasticity and Theatricality of forms

2.The Disembarkation of Marie de Medici at Marseilles,Medici Cycle by Peter Paul Rubens(1621-25) oil painting (Mussee du Louvre,Paris)

General Points

  • A true Historical scene because Marie was the second wife to King Henry of France
  • The images are created in a way that the artist and his commisioners and patrons would prefer to stay in History,rather than to represent a different possible scene.
  • There is contact with nature,harmony,and the viewer obliged to reciprocate in the depth of three dimensional space while "getting lost’ inside the view of intricate details
  • It’s a painting that they used to decorate walls of royal apartments

How is this representative of Baroque Art ?

  • The use of mythological scenes are incorporated ,and we also have elements of rationalism

  • Effect of the Italian Renaissance in the paintings of North Europe (Flander Baroque painting)

  • Diagonical composition and impressions from the perspective,optical illusions also

  • Exarcebation of emotions,and a combination of different approaches of classical elements

  • Chiaroscuro because many artists influenced by Caravaggio,and sometimes contrast between thermal colors

  • The machina Gods or the " air space" used in Baroque


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Gian Lorenzo Bernini was a formidable personality whose essence is fixed there forever in Rome, through his artistic and sculptural masterpieces! BERNINI’S ART IN ROME is one of the best articles that I’ve seen on the internet which truly gave me goosebumps.