Artistic Process UNIT 2


Who makes art? Do you think artists have innate ability or acquired skill (or both)? How do artist’s roles change with different cultural considerations? Support your answers with examples, and provide any links or images that help in your explanations.

A work of art is a representation of an exemplary piece of creative work made by a human being or animal. It usually invites appreciation from the on-looker. Art can be most famously a painting like Da Vinci’s Monalisa, or a Totem Pole from the indigenous Alaskan settlers or, Emperor Shahjehan’s Taj Mahal, or, even, a nest weaved by the Tailor bird.
Making an artwork requires innate creativity which is inborn or an acquired skill. However, to create a masterpiece does require a certain amount of training, practice and precision.

Over the ages, from the Stone Age till the present time, the role of the artist can vary from a craftsmen, to architect, or fashion designer, or sculpture, or graphics designer, or a filmmaker etc.

The stone-age tools or the rudimentary drawings on ancient cave walls from the prehistoric times give evidence to the innate creative drive of human beings.
Caves of Atlamira in France, See image: image

Sword of Samurai is an example of a fine craftsmanship:

Taj Mahal, an Mogul Architecture from India is a fine example of the heights of architectural creativity:

Painting by grand master Leonardo Da VInci’s Monalisa: monalisa