Basic Chemistry Refresher


Hello! My name is Ed Silva and I find myself in a peculiar situation having to take a basic class in Chemistry in order to graduate. Even though I am a senior in college I have not taken Chemistry since 9th and 10th grade. I remember absolutely nothing and just by skimming through the course syllabus I can’t even believe I passed those classes with B. Anyhow. Any help on how to tackle this beast will be greatly appreciated and a study partner/tutor/mentor would be grand.

Being a visual learner I have an incredibly hard time learning abstract subjects from reading only, so if there are any visual aid that anyone know about and feel like recommending it I would love to take a look at it.

Thank you so much!



Hi Ed, I’ve been away from chemistry for a loooong time, but have a couple suggestions.

Our course can possibly connect you to the credit, which is awesome, but some visual supplements and ready resources could certainly help.

You could try the Khan Academy chemistry materials, here:

MIT has some intro chemistry lecture videos, here:

Khan could be great because it is meant to be fairly interactive, with both videos and problem set; it is much more audio than text and leads you through concepts like a teacher up at the board. You could do this before using Saylor courses or roughly alongside.

If nothing else, comparatively dense reading is often much easier to get through when you already have some familiarity with the topic.


Thanks for the information you shared Sean. I will definitely take advantage of the materials you recommended. I don’t have to take the class until the Spring Semester of 2016, and it would be fabulous if between now and then I could get a good grasp on the subject and possibly test out of it so that I can focus on my major instead. Surely there must still be some vestiges of the subject deep in my subconscious as I have taken the class before, but it was much too long ago, and I am not ashamed to say that at the time my only goal was to pass the class, which I did. Unfortunately, as a result, and especially by never using it I am not sure if I am just unable to "recall it, or if indeed I managed to not retain any of it.

Anyway. Thanks for your help and input.