Beginning of a journey - Online Course

My name is Sahnawaj. I’m 25 and from Chittagong, Bangladesh. I’m new to Saylor. I want to complete a course here. Does anyone have any tips on this? I started working and I’m on UNIT 1 of the SOC101. Is there any way of knowing what I should focus on? I also want to know how much time I should spent per day for successful completion of such course.


Hello and welcome! We are happy you are here!

For each of our courses, the syllabus lists out the course “learning outcomes” that frame the overall focus of the course:

And, each unit in the course, has unit level outcomes that help to focus you as well. Each unit also has a practice assessment at the end to help you gauge your learning along the way.

For this course, our data shows people often complete it with about 42 hours TOTAL. So that could be broken down over several days/weeks. However, we encourage you to find your own pace that is comfortable - it might be slower or faster, either is fine.

Good luck in the course and let us know if you have any questions!!

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