BIO101 Question


In BIO101 On unit 2 section 2.1.5 titled Bonding and Functioning Groups the first assignment tells me to read the resource titled “Bonding” on the Carnegie Mellon webpage , and complete the “Did I Get This” study tool at the bottom of the webpage. I can’t seem to find the section titled Bonding anywhere. Can anyone tell me where to find this? Thanks.


I’m sorry for the late response – I think the correct section is in Module 2.

@tanner @devrit maybe we could specify for this and for “Functional Groups” to look in Module 2? Entering the course drops you on the TOC and from there you have to guess where to go.


This should be fixed now. I did update the URL itself, so now after entering the course as a guest, it should redirect to the correct page within the OLI course, but just in case not, I did also update the instructions to specify where in the course the resources are located.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention @kayler2017!


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