BUS 206 2.4.3 Personal Security Discussion


Instructions for this assignment are as follows:

ow are you doing on keeping your own information secure? The following exercise is meant to help you answer that question and take steps to improve your personal information security.

Review the steps listed in the chapter and then find two or three more sources to help you gauge your own security. After you have done so, please respond to the following prompt and post your answer on Saylor’s Discourse discussion forum. Feel free to start your own related posts, and respond to other students’ postings as well.

In what areas are you doing well in keeping your own information and technology secure?
In what areas could you improve? Include links to resources that explain what you will be doing.


Things I am doing:

  • I rarely share passwords
  • I always make sure that I have quality antivirus software installed on my devices.
  • I don’t visit questionable websites.
  • I have two-factor authentication for some of my accounts, such as Facebook.

Things to work on:

As I explained in a previous post, there was a time last year when a co-worker loaded pirated software on my laptop, and in the process disabled my antivirus’s security settings leaving my system vulnerable for cyberattack.

I will never allow pirated material on any device of mine again. Or allow any computer or mobile devices security settings to be breached. I didn’t fully understand the impact of these actions on security or data integrity and unfortunately I learned the hard way.


Things that I am doing correctly:

  • all of my passwords are 8 characters, have numbers and a symbol in them. They also aren’t related to a particular word our date that is associated with my birth date
  • I do not share my passwords with anyone
  • I try and use different passwords so that they aren’t all the same.

Things that I could improve on:

  • I could change my passwords more frequently

  • Not watch videos or tv shows from non secure websites, this hasn’t been as big of an issue now that most tv shows that I watch are on Netflix or other secure streaming devices.

  • Stay on top of updating all of my software so the there is a less likely of a chance to be hacked

  • Remember to back of file and personal information that may be stored on my computer. I take a lot of photos and do a lot of personal work that could either be copied, stollen or lost which which would not be beneficial.