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BUS-206 Chapter 3 Exercise 3



If you were running a small business with limited funds for information technology, would you consider using cloud computing? Find some web-based resources that support your decision.

If I were starting up a small business, I imagine that prioritizing all the things I could spend money on would be critical for short- and long-term success. I would want to make smart budget decisions about my computing needs. Starting out, I would make the decision to outsource my server needs to a cloud service for several reasons. First, I do not have the money to throw at the hardware and technicians that I would really like. Also, I do not make my own energy and the costs of energy rise with in-house computing. Next, cloud computing gives me more mobility (possibly not important depending on the business type). Finally, I do not have to worry about upgrading and compatibility. That is all taken care of, freeing me up to pursue taking the perfect shot for the cover of my new marketing gig. Notice that information security is not on this list.

Once I had my business well-established and had an adequate budget for an internal network server, I would migrate that direction. Security, often cited as a reason for using the cloud, is one of the risks of the same in my opinion. Data can be grabbed by hackers at the cloud server or in transmission. And hackers are going to have a lot more motivation to hack a cloud giant than a small guy like me. So even though my network may have less extravagant security measures, well-funded crooks are less likely to target me. Look at who robs convenience stores and who robs high-profile banks. As long as my security measures are solid by business standards, the hackers are unlikely to breach, unless the hackers are North Korea. But again, why would they target me?