BUS 206 Ethics in Information systems

  • Many people think that the ethical issues raised by new technologies are just the same issues in a new form. Do you agree or disagree? Has technology created a new class of ethical issues?
    • I believe that the same basic set of ethics can be applied to technology that has been used in the past, but new technology has the ability to raise ethical questions that have not previously been imagined. Often, this can be a matter of degree. For example, we might be comfortable stating that the act of physically following someone around without their knowledge in order to learn about their personal habits is unethical, but is it more unethical than using tracking cookies, which accomplish the same goal somewhat less invasively?
  • What are the difficulties raised by creating new laws and regulations to solve these issues?
    • One of the biggest challenges of creating new laws to address technology ethics issues is that lawmakers tend not to be very technologically literate, as was made apparent recently when Mark Zuckerberg was questioned by congress. Additionally, lawmakers tend to be beholden to corporate interests, who will nearly always prioritize successful commerce over individual liberty. Lawmakers are creating policy to regulate technology they don’t really understand, and most of the opinions they hear on the issue tend to prioritize business interests.