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BUS 206: Information Systems



Information systems is a time saver in business.


Information systems is an area of computing in business that focuses on five areas: hardware, software, data, people, and processes. Hardware includes all physical components of a computer, including computer parts and mobile devices. Software is what makes the hardware work and can include things such as operating systems and applications. Data is a collection of facts that can be analyzed to help a business run more efficiently and effectively, while people are the individuals who work on the various aspects of computing. Finally, processes are the steps that businesses take to solve a problem or reach a goal. Taken altogether, information systems is the study of utilizing technology to help businesses solve problems.


An information system is a collection of hardware, software, data, people, and processes used to meet a business need.


Information systems is the study of networks of computers software and hardware that we and organizations uses to collect, filter, organize, process, create, organise and distribute data.


An Information System is made up of five different components that work together to provide value to an organization. The five components include hardware (your cell phone, something tangible), software (Spotify, or the app you use to listen to music), data (your daily playlists are developed based on the data collected on the types of music you listen to), people (you), and the process of listening to music and sharing it with others or organizing a playlist.


The concept of information systems is very simple, as it only contains 5 components. Information systems include hardware (computers, cell phones, tablets, CPUs, etc), software (Microsoft Office, Word, PowerPoint, etc), data (account name, account number, etc), people (IT support, data analysts, Chief Information Officer, etc), and processes (how you achieve your goal, or the steps used to achieve your goal). These 5 components all work together to best benefit the organization.

For example, I (the person) use Microsoft Outlook (software) on my computer (hardware) to send an email (process) to my coworker (person) to meet me in the conference room (data).


An information system is a system that is used to distribute information. Its components are hardware, software, data, people, and processes. An example of an information system would be myself (the person) using Facebook’s messenger (software) on my computer (hardware) to send a message (the process) to my friend telling him/her “Hello, how are you today?” (data). This would be the use of an information system to communicate with another person.