BUS 206: Information Systems

An information system is an overly broad term to describe functionality of things in a technical age. Things like banking and doctor visits and even pumping gas are all examples of an information system - there’s hardware, software, data, people and a process all involved. From ATMs and gas pumps, to patient databases, nowadays nearly everything can be an example of an information system.

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According to my understanding, Information Systems is a technological term that describes how information is handled. Five main components are used in the treatment of information which are:

  1. Hardware: main material (computer) used to automatically treat information
  2. Software: application that tells the material (computer) what to do
  3. data: the pieces of information gathered
  4. People: Computer users
  5. Process: series of steps used to treat the pieces of information.
    In a nutshell, this is what information system is all about.

Information system is a set of tools/component that simplify the execution of tasks or duties at the office or home.

Information system comprises of Hardware, software, data, people and process that works in synchronization to accomplish desired target.

Example can be seen in the Smartphone (Hardware) to read and send E-Mail(Software) to/from clientele or colleagues in the office. This short example encompasses the components of Information systems.

In my own words, I would define information systems as a neccesary tool in our everyday lives not only in business. If we analyze the components, roles and benefits to us we would say it’s a necessity to man. Information system is basically technology, process and people. Technology which includes; data(information), hardware and software. Information systems helps businesses in manipulating data which can be inventory to improve it’s services or production capacity. Information is processed using computer through different software example; Microsoft office(Word, Excel, outlook, publisher) after processing this information it is then passed down to different departments or units which are then used to work.

Info systems involve different components that work together to drive value for an organization. The 5 components are hardware, software, data, people, and process.

Information systems is composed of hardware, software, data, people, and process. Hardware is the tangible part of the information system, such as a computer or phone, that is instructed by the software. Data is the collection of facts that help make decisions. People are the people involved with the information system in every step of the process. The process then is a series of steps taken to achieve a goal. Together, these components ae able to collect, store, and distribute information to help make decisions within an organization.

An information system is a system that allows us to receive and send information. it has five components which are: hardware like computer, software like word, process (steps to accomplish goalsi, people, data like phone numbers, addresses…

In my opinion an information system is something which helps you in giving meaning to your data. It consists of 5 components that are hardware, software, data, people and process. Now just for an example if you someone thinks that there is a connection between study hours spent for a subject and the academic performance of a student. Then the said person will have to conduct a survey to find out the time people invest in a particular course and their performance( percentage or GPA in that particular course). The data gathered alone can’t help our objective but we will have to sort that data using some systems. We will have to use hardware, software and people (for data entry and collection) and most of all will have to design all the activity (process). All these activities combined are information system.

Information Systems is a combination of technologies that people and organizations use to collect information and use to gain more knowledge. Hardware, software, data, people, and process are the five basic components. These components and the roles that those components play is vital to organizations wanting to become more efficient. The major role of these components is to take data and turn it into information and then transform that into organizational knowledge.

An information system is made up of 5 components that work together to provide value to an organization. To illustrate the concept of the 5 components, I will use an example. Susan (person) is a secretary in a company. The first thing she does when she comes to work (process) in the morning is to check the e-mails (software) regarding the inventory (data) in her computer (hardware). She responds to them as promptly as possible, so that those waiting (people) for her response can get back to their work and resolve any issues (process).

An information system is a system comprised of 5 parts; hardware, software, data, process, and people. Though most people think of the computer and technology aspect of information systems, the people/process aspects are equally as important to a synchronous, well-functioning system. Each component is interdependent on another - software communicates to hardware with a set of instructions, relaying data via processes which is initiated and handled by people. Software alone cannot function without hardware to communicate to. Data cannot be sent/retrieved without following a set of processes. Information as a whole entity will not be useful without a person to decipher, manipulate it, and organize it.

Information Systems make up the framework of business, and some would say even of modern society as a whole. Hardware, software, data, people, and processes work together in an integrated network to collect, store, organize and distribute data about every conceivable subject or item in our world. If you consider the idea that data is the current most valuable and prolific commodity in existence, it’s impossible to imagine a scenario where information systems aren’t involved. When you check your email, when you shop, when you watch a funny cat video on YouTube, or when you check Instagram for the 5th time this morning, you are contributing to and using information systems.

INFORMATION SYSTEMS are interrelated components working together to collect , process , store and disseminate information to support decision making, coordination, control, analysis and vizualization in an organization.
The following are the 5 components of Information Systems:
(1) Hardware:
Hardware can be any computing machine i.e. PC’s where we can store data & send instructions to the software with the help of mouse and keyboard etc.
(2) Software:
Software done work according to the instructions of Hardware.
(3) Data:
Data is the collection of facts and figures. Information Systems convert data in useful information.
(4) People:
People send data to an organization and the employees of organization connected to each other to convert data in Information.
(5) Process:
A process is the series of steps undertaken to achieve a desired outcome or goal.Organizations use Information Systems to improve the interface both internally and externally with suppliers and custiomers.

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An information system is a combination of pieces that work together to process information. The components that make up an information system: people, processes, hardware and software all work together to process, store and use data or information the final component. Information is raw data or facts that are organized, for example birthdays, or employee numbers.

Information Systems is the complex interaction between technology, people, and process. Technology is composed of hardware - the physical infrastructure of computing, software - the instruction manuals that tell hardware how to complete certain goals, data - the information that is manipulated by software, and networking - the interconnection of various hardware components for the purpose of expedited data transmission. People are the users, designers, programmers, and analysts who harness technology to accomplish goals and transmit information. Process is the particular set of steps used to accomplish those goals, relying on human and technological resources.

Information systems are the integration of data, hardware, software, processes, and people. Their interaction occurs through networking communication. This communication is the concept that when there is input, there would be an output, which occurs in a loop. The data, hardware, software, processes, and people are the components of information systems. On the other hand, the way all these components function together in the business world is also essential.

An information system is an integrated set of components designed to collect, process, store, and distribute information. it’s composed of five components: Software, Hardware, Data, People and Process.

Information system is whereby People, technology combined with some processes work together to gather data and convert it into information that is useful in organizations. People especially in the information technology field n undertake a series of steps using the current technology in order to achieve organizational goals .