Bus 206 Unit 6.11 The Role of IT in Globalization

  • Which of the “flatteners” do you think is having the biggest impact today?

  • What other concepts from the video stood out to you as important?

    In his lecture at MIT Thomas Friedmen discussed concepts from his book the World is Flat. The principles behind Globalization one, two, and three were shared as well as “flatteners” of the world. Some of the “Flatteners” of the world he mentioned include the personal computer, the day Netscape went public, and the concept of uploading. I find that the flattener that has the biggest impact today is the concept of uploading. Uploading allows people to continuously share information over the internet. This information helps to empower individuals and connect others. The educational aspect that uploading provides also makes a major impact on our world. Universities, professors, and scholars can give access to vital information to the entire globe at a click of a button. Platforms like YouTube, Blogs, and even Saylor Academy give individuals the ability to share their intelligence and creativity. The instant access to uploaded information gives rise to innovation and continues the climb of our global economy.

A concept that I found interesting during Thomas Friedmen’s lecture was the concept of “Gross Individual Product”. Competition is no longer at a country or company level; it is at an individual level. The frontrunners and winners within the global market are people with the largest imaginations. If someone in the United States has an idea, it is almost guaranteed that another individual has the same or better idea across the world. The competition will be one’s own imagination, and their ability to innovate and create. Companies that empower their employees to expand their mind and invest in their creative side will win in the global market.