BUS 206 : Unit 6.2.1 - Relating IS to Ethics


As technology has improved it has started to create a greater social divide and more ethical issues since information is at everyones fingertips 24/7. Since the introduction of social media platforms there has been a rise in the amount of public opinion that you readily have access to. The access to this information can greatly impact an individuals future, based on the amount of information that is shared with the public. Along with this come difficulties on regulating what can and cannot be shared based on what is true and what isn’t.

Recently there has been great debate on what Facebook will allow to be posted on their website and what they will take down based on how offensive it might be to another group of people. This has created a grey area of what is freedom of speech verses what rights a company has to maintain and regulate its platform.

  • What is a project - A project is a procedure channel towards achieving or creating a distinct product or service with a scheduled duration.
  • What is project management - Project management is application of skill, knowledge and techniques towards achieving the desired goal of a project.
  • A successful project manager should possess the following skills -
    a. Interpersonal
    b. Technical
    c. Administrative
  • The factors are
    a. Cost
    b. Time
    c. Quality