BUS 305 Discussion

Assignment: “Chapter 16, Section 5: Marketing Plan Discussion Questions and Activities”

  1. I believe that so many other employees participate in market planning is because the marketing plan should convince in the success of the plan and the investment of the effort in it. This is part of the communication of the plan to all aspects including the employees. In the final of your plan, you should assess the important people and departments involved of their commitment to buying into this scheme.

  2. The most important of the marketing plan is the customers. The customers is the vital key of understanding of business and the core audience to which corporations thrive. It is indeed significant for they are the foundation to every business operation. The least important part of the plan depends on the company’s strategy. Their demographics depend on whose the main targeted audience and thus gives light to the lowest value of aspect. The segments are what listed as most important to least.

  3. The reason why the execution of a marketing plan doesn’t follow the same order as the plan itself is because of causality and control. The relation of different variables and their consequences is why the concept of control is to be executed differently. Control in the degree to manipulate won’t be as precisely as the marketing plan directs it to be. Possibilities and chance govern the real world as the plan is the most precise on presentation not actuality. Outside forces and random events can spiral a company off plan, that is why execution is treated otherwise.

  4. The most important of a marketing audit are financial problems. They are the first to trigger a marketing audit due to their internal structure and the functionality of the business as a whole in their survival. The least important of an audit depends on the company’s position of situation as well as their focus. Some may say brand identity or the customer equity that is in their portfolio. It all governs to the least affected for the company while the most infected part of the company will be the most highly treated in terms of consequence.