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BUS 402- Project Management

Dear All,

Good day!!!

I want to appear in BUS 402 -Project Management assessment with Saylor Credit. Please provide me the guidelines,

  1. Any study material except the Course module on Saylor website.
  2. Any Mock test except the saylor website in course module.
  3. Steps to register for Saylor credit assessment.

Please advice me.

Thanks & Regards,

Thanks for your questions about taking the BUS402 Saylor Direct Credit final exam.

The study guide and certificate final exam for the course are both good ways to prepare. Both can be found among the course materials, near the end. We do not have study or practice test materials other than those in the course, though.

To take the credit exam, follow the steps at – on that page, you will find information about making sure that your college/university will accept the course for credit, how to get set up with the exam proctoring service, and more.

Let us know other questions you might have!