BUS101 1.4.1: Budget Deficit (Expenses Exceed Revenues)


The deficit in the United States is growing with the continuation of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The yearly deficit continues to add to the national debt. Some U.S. citizens think that government spending helps the economy grow. Others think that government spending comes out of the hands of consumers and business owners, thereby slowing growth. Write a paragraph that expresses your thoughts on this argument.

I definitely believe that government spending is out of hand. I think citizens must keep in mind that the government gets money from taxing it’s citizens. So while some may argue about the necessity of programs and wars, it is the citizen that must pay in ever growing taxes for these things. We have become burdened with the debt of the government. It’s seems very easy to implement a new bill or fund another program on the backs of the American people. The system is broken and more spending is not the answer. In the context of business, it is not good business sense to spend more than what is available.


I agree with you ,the government gets its much revenue through taxes from its own people hence increase in government spending means more debts thus bringing in room for more taxation


I concur with you too. The budget deficit is as a result of the government expenditures in purchasing the military hardware,which exceeds the total tax revenues. The effect is also felt by the tax payers, since it drains deep into their pockets . The impact is then felt by directly or indirectly by the citizens.