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BUS101: Introduction to Business

Suppose we purchase something in an open market it costs as marked price. But if we purchase inside railway station, bus stand or inside malls it costs more. Is it legal? What strategy of marketing is relevant in this topic?
What is the strategy behind marketing at different position related to management?


Hallo, My name is Faith Machona, I would like to be Called Etty.

I like Marketing aand like to explore how l can make it at small scale bringing large scale out put. I believe everything is possible, where there is a will there is a way.
I like your question and l am digging for the answer. Thanks for asking because it helps in our research as l am also int marketing.

I will definately get back even if it takes days but thanks for that ball.

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Hi every body, I work for a technical service, but for me the strategy behind marketing at different position is related different factors such as location, proximity, time factor for buyers