BUS101 U1 Boundless activities

Hello there, I’m new in this course and I just wanna ask if how to answer the quizzes or it has no format of clicking anything to answer the quizzes. Instead it only can create a quiz or edit it. Or maybe it’s something wrong with the software?

So , it’s not the click-button-quiz for which I can choose the answer by clicking A, B, or C but a quiz editable and create-quiz kind of format. Whats the point for this format? Maybe, it helps the intellect…Another question- Do I have to see and click these quizzes or does it really matters? Or maybe it adds grade or something?

Hi Michael – I think you are talking about the BUS101 assignment from Boundless.com?

The quizzes there are optional; we focus mainly on the reading, but it is great to take the quizzes, certainly. Clicking on the answer choices also does nothing for me. It looks like there are a couple options:

  1. Clicking on the quiz question itself (not one of the A/B/C answer choices) will show you the correct answer – a bit tedious, but it works!
  2. Sign up at Boundless.com to have the quiz automatically grade (completely optional; we don’t make students sign up for other websites).
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Thanks Sean.

Another questions sir, is that here is in “Exploring Business”, let say Section 1.7 of the Unit 1 Acitvities of Business 101, and it must complete exrcise 1 at the end of the reading. Where would I write my answer on this exercises? Second question, here is “Introduction To Business: Readings And Exercises”, and it says to provide 3 hours of reading, research, and written activity. Where would again I could write my written activity? Same here to “SBA” where I’m required to write some paragraphs, and also with other exercises where it is instructed let’s say is to write in a 2 page paper or document. Is there any e-mail address for the exercises to send for? Or any pages in the website where I can write such task?

Hi Michael, good questions. The short answer is that there is no written work that you have to turn in, especially because, regrettably, we do not have the staff available to give good feedback.

Alternatives include:

  • self-evaluation, especially reviewing your work after some time has passed. Doing writing just for yourself is not always very gratifying, but it is useful.

  • Sharing your work in the forums. In the “business” category you can see several discussion prompts for BUS101. Giving another student feedback is a good way to encourage others to give you feedback.

    • Another discussion forums option is to post your work somewhere online and simply link to it. For instance, you might use Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or some other place where you can host files that can be viewed by someone with the link.

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