BUS105: no calculator on accounting final?

The math used here is slightly above simple, and not quick by any means. Any idea why use of a calculator would not be permitted on the final? I used a calculator throughout the course, as well as on a daily basis in my accounting profession. Having to calculate numerous ratios and percentages by hand is time consuming and frustrating when we live in a world where this would never be necessary.

Thanks for bringing this up – I’m reaching out to our education team.

Hi Sean,
I’m hoping for a quick resolution here, is there a timeline for this process?


Hey Sean!
I took the direct credit final today and was thrilled to be able to use a calculator, also, I passed! Thanks for your help here.

Just a final note on this- when signing into the test on proctor u, a pop-up indicates a calculator is allowed. Within the course, it still says the only allowed resource is blank paper. It wasn’t until I’d resolved to just take the test without a calculator that I found it was actually allowed.

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